Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 15: Week 3 Begins

Week 3 is off to an odd start.  So many people left this weekend.  There were a few that I didn't even realize were done, and they are now gone.  It is odd.  There is a totally different setting now.  Lots of new/returns starting today - so lots of new people to meet.  Today seemed really busy - so maybe I'll get to know some of them later this week.

Today I had a class about "eating trigger foods mindfully".  One aspect of the class was eating either one potato chip, or one Hershey's kiss - in 4 bites.  You read correctly - - FOUR BITES for one chip.  Not 4 chips in one bite.  I am not going to lie to you - I was pretty excited to have a potato chip.  Now, I know this won't be every day - there will come a day where the Sour Cream and Cheddar Ruffles (seriously - there is no better snack in this world) call my name - but here were my reactions to the Light Salt Kettle Chip I had today:
  • Smell: Grease (what is this?  I have NEVER had this as my first reaction before!)
  • Feel: bumpy, and I can feel the grains of salt
  • Look: delicious
  • Taste 1: Grease (huh?  I haven't had real food in what seems like 100 years, and when I have a chance to have a chip, I taste grease?!??!  Maybe this is my brain trying to protect me from making an ass of myself in class by eating the whole chip in one moaning/groaning bite?)
  • Taste 2: Grease (well this can't be right.....)
  • Taste 3: Burnt grease (get serious!  One slightly darker spot is going to taste burnt now?  And still with grease?!??!  Give me a BREAK!)
  • Taste 4: Slightly less grease (well... that was shocking....)
I am just going to ride this until I go crazy one day, and have to try them again.  I am just hoping I have some control, and don't hoover an entire bag!

I also felt I should point out some things observed by my group of friends this weekend:
  1. Matching track suits are really all the rage here in North Carolina.  Whether they are velour, satin, polyester or knit.  As long as they match, they are a necessity here!  No lie - 20% if all women wear them - including some new local ladies who my friends met at an Irish bar on Friday.
  2. Not only does Marilyn own Tennis shoes, but she wore them out for the day!  She claims to own more than one pair.  Here is photographic evidence of at least one pair (see right).
  3. The weather here is awesome. (really didn't need to be stated again - but I felt it was necessary.  It is 60+ in MARCH!!)
  4. The brakes on my car are beyond trashed (it is hard to notice they are loud when it is winter, and you have to keep your windows up, heat on high, and the radio on.  Maybe if I'd turn down the "damn radio so I could hear something"   I would have noticed earlier).  I am really looking forward to trying to find someone to fix them while I am here.  Goodbye money I wasn't planning on spending.....
  5. The Deluxe Pedicure at Allure salon is divine.  (slightly less divine when you put your shoes on too early, and screw up your nail) This procedure also causes Darcy to almost wet herself because she is ticklish.  Fortunately, she was able to keep it together.
  6. Some people in NC don't realize that "bag chairs" have been invented.  They opt, instead, for strapping entire lawn chairs to their backs, and going to the park.
I have a light day of classroom classes tomorrow, so I am looking forward to working in some extra exercise.  I probably better go shower and get ready for bed, so I am rested enough to want to do it!  Have a great night, everyone!


  1. Third week already!! O my. It is actually kind of warm here also :=)
    Love, Mom

  2. i'm laughing about greasy chips. so funny.

  3. Hi Nad
    You know you're going to be in trouble for telling the story of your dad & his glasses...the funny thing is...he has about 3 more "glasses" stories that are just as funny. I'm definately going to need to talk to you when you get home...if they can trick you into thinking chips are bad and taste like grease...I say "what's wrong with grease" I so need more will power. I'll keep praying. Glad you had fun this weekend...can't wait to see you. Keep Smiling...remember our "Kath Teeth" Love Auntie Rhonda

  4. Thanks for being such a great host this weekend Nat! Loved the tour of FC and sitting in on the class even though I had my inapropriate remarks :( welll...come on! They needed to be said! Also thanks for not posting the real reason we were not allowed to work out with you at Duke FC. Ring-ring..hello? wake up a call you say? I guess I will have to actually put my multiple..yes multiple athletic shoes to use! and Shout out for mentioning Darcy's bladder issues and not my FFP! You are a true dear friend!


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