Sunday, March 7, 2010

Days 13 & 14: Weekend Dos (Two)

This was a weird weekend.  I had friends in town to visit (which was so fantastic), but I also said goodbye to some really great people.  Jessica, Hillary & Katie.... Stan and his wife.... Cas & Howard.... everyone is gone.  It is still shocking to me how quickly bonds are formed here!  I did get told by Cas (who has numerous things in comment with my dad - see the next paragraph) "I love hugging you".  So nice.  (Shout out to Bridgett - - I am trying to be a hugger, now!)

Cas (Casimir - the Super Bowl guy) reminded me of my pops on a few different occasions.  I believe I told you about my "technical" help that I provided for him.  What I haven't mentioned was what happened to his glasses.  Before I get to that - I need to share a story about Steve (my dad).  On their flight to Hawaii (I believe) he kept his glasses in the pocket on his jacket.  When they were getting ready to land, he took out his specs and put them on.  The flight attendant had to comment that those were the clearest lenses she had ever seen - while simultaneously poking her fingers through the frames.  The lenses were missing.  He didn't notice.  Bless his heart.  A couple of days before he was ready to leave, Cas lost his right lense.  He didn't notice until he got to the DFC, after walking over a mile.  Seriously.  To make it even better, he has the glasses that automatically tint in the sunlight.  Very entertaining on a sunny morning, when he looked like a pirate.  The good news was, he retained use of the left lense, which is the one he really needed. =)  Howard, who went on a $700+ shopping spree for clothes for his family at Dicks Sporting Goods (I couldn't make this up) is also a little technically-challenged.  He has a Mercedes SomethingFancy (not sure on the actual model) and was telling me he doesn't understand how to operate the majority of things in his car, because they are too technically advanced.  I offered to trade him, even up, for JaLisa (who has NO technical components).  Shockingly, he turned me down.  JaLisa remains in my possession.

This weekend I played water volleyball both days, and did water aerobics on Saturday.  My shoulder must have adapted to this new activity - - I still have full range of motion.  One nice surprise today was getting to play with Reverend Alden's twin (Rev Alden is from Little House on the Prairie).  RA's real name is Bob.  He went to Duke before I was born (his words) and had seats under the basket for the Duke/UNC game on Saturday (a huge rivalry down here - and the schools are only about 15 miles apart.  Very odd.  I can't imagine how much $$ he has donated to Duke in order to get those seats!?!?)  He asked if I wanted to sit with them for lunch, and did have to tell me a secret before I left lunch to meet my friends..... I am a very beautiful woman, and have a great personality.  He said he noticed it when we were playing volleyball - and also noted that I have "pretty good" coordination.  Reverand Alden - Thank you.  That means a lot.

I wonder if everyone gets the quantity of helpful hints/suggestions/comments that I get - or if I just really look like someone who is dying for their input?  It is a mystery to me.  An entertaining mystery.

The ladies and I had a pretty tame, but fun, time.  Pedicures and dinner (I tried to stay mostly within reason on my meal) on Saturday.  We went to the Duke campus and drove around a bit today, and then went to the Duke Gardens.  I am sure it is beautiful when everything starts blooming.  For now, we had to settle for the sunshine, 60+ degrees and smell of spring.  It was delightful.  We then went back to the DFC patio and played Farkle (or "dice" as it is called in the Cerini family).  Marilyn was victorious - of course!  I have the greatest friends.  So supportive, and so willing to put up with my ridiculous schedule, so I can make sure to get all of my stuff in.  Thank you to all of you for indulging me this weekend!  I appreciate you all!!

It is unreal to me that week 3 already starts tomorrow.  I can't wait to see what they have in store for me now.  Oh yeah - and it is supposed to be 60-70 degrees every day this week.  That will probably be pretty tough.....

What are you most looking forward to this spring?


  1. YEAH! for Hugs - I live a few short miles and believe hugs can cheer most anyone up :)
    Also wanted to let you know I spent 2.5 hours at the grocery store today...we might be shopping buddies!

  2. Hi Nad, well you better enjoy the weather,because you do know what you will have in beautiful minnesnowta right? Hopefully we only have 3to4in left when you get home. Sorry you had to say goodbye to your friends, but also glad you had a good time with your other friends. R&A Steve and I went out for supper sat night and then to you mom and dads watched utube videos on the garage wall, we had much fun. My husband needed a fun evening because he tried to take out his garage door with the top of his truck on sat morning. At least we didn't have to stay happy see kappy there was no damage to the truck. We have had some freezing rain here Andy fell down twice getting out of my car sat night, and was mad at Rhonda and I because all we did was laugh. We were impressed he didn't drop the dog either time.I don't have much more for news so I'll go for now. Keep up the great work. No I can't belive it is you 3rd week. Oh spring I can't wait till I no longer have to wear a coat. Did you know I get my cast off friday I'll be a whole woman again.... YAHOO... take care, love you buggie and steve

  3. This is a comment for Buggy: I laughed out loud at the visual of Andy falling 2x with a dog. So funny (since he didn't get hurt, I presume?)
    Nad - I'm most looking forward to some heat and trips to the park in the spring. It's a crazy stress-buster to run your kids to the park and see how happy it makes them - along with your dog that gets to "smile" and run around when there are no (or few) kids to run in fear of his toughness. I'm also looking forward to seeing my sister again! We miss you!

  4. Bridgett- YES! I agree! I good hug can really lift a persons spirits! Hugs are free and they feel so good!
    Buggie- Thanks for the tale of funny! I would have also done nothing but laugh I am sure so he would have been mad at me too!
    Mama Nat- HA, first of all, I did already know that you are a beautiful woman and have a great personality...but what I did not know from our times of playing water volleyball together is that your coordination is "pretty good".
    Also the pirate glasses incident is SO FUNNY to me because the unfortunate story of our drunken father is one of my favorites!!
    Spring is great to me because I can wear sandals and go sit outside, or ride my bike, or rollerblade, go to the beach...the list goes on and on! Going to the park with the goyles sounds really fun too!
    I do not know if you heard the news but Wendy and I got our flights! We will be coming on Friday afternoon!!!! YIPPEE!


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