Tuesday, March 23, 2010

There's No Place Like Home?

Let me attempt to explain this (hopefully in terms that don't make me sound absolutely ridiculous) - I am SO glad to be home.  I enjoyed my time at the DFC, and made friends that will hopefully last a long time - but I was ready to come home.  I am ready to be here - I missed my friends and family.  That being said - doing your own shopping, prepping and cooking are extremely overrated!  Seriously - I could come up with so many better ways to spend that time!  I have gotten spoiled by the cocoon that is the DFC!  I have jokingly referred to this extreme amount of time spent on food prep/cooking as my part-time job (let's face it - any overweight person who has tried any of the "diets" out there knows exactly what I am talking about.  Prepping fruits and veggies, so they are ready to eat - so you are more apt to eat them.  It is exhausting, but necessary).  I now have a new, permanent, part-time job.  It won't make me rich, but it will make me happy. 

Monday was exhausting... I came home armed with a list of specific things that I should be trying to eat.  Arnold's sandwich thins instead of a bun, delicious Galeo's dressing, fixings for spinach manicotti, the makings of chocolate tofu parfaits (taste tested by Mackenzie - and they were given rave reviews), more veggies and fruits than we have had in this place in a long time.  It was hours of shopping and cutting.  I lost it - I dropped the jar of marinara into my pan of manicotti - because I was so exhausted!  That is ridiculous!  It is amazing how hard that can seem when you have done so little for yourself for a month straight.  Times...they are changing.  Sunday is going to have to be food prep day - so if anyone wants to come visit, I can put you to work!  It will be really good bonding time!  Maybe I could trade healthy cooking tips for food prep?  I think I might really be on to something....

Today was my first day back at work.  It got off to a great start by me forgetting 1/2 of my lunch at home in the freezer.  I went and got a veggie sub from Subway.  That was a first - but it was kind of delicious!  I had veggie overload with my salad as a side.  The girls in the office were going to Chipotle, but I was feeling strong enough to resist today (yea for me!).  It was so nice to see everyone!  My office was very organized - everything in it's piles.  I cannot thank my coworkers enough!  They totally took care of everything, so I could go for a whole month, worry only about myself, and come back to organization.  They are fantastic!!  I got to work the bulk of the day on getting my new phone set up (I love returning to work, and getting a new gadget), catching up with everyone, and trying to fit in a little work.  It was great having this time off, but it is equally great getting back to work.  I am hoping my mush-brain subsides soon, now that it has some thinking to do!

I have to go for now, but will be back tomorrow with new reports.  Have a great night, everyone!


  1. I will go on record to say that I thaught the tofu parfait was so yummy! I did not think Natalie was a dirty liar, but it exceeded my expectations!

  2. Hey Nat,

    i;m weird I love grocery shops i try new ones and visit store openings from time to time. Isn't it wierd to think you will be having more food around and you will be cooking on a daily basis and you will be losing wt? That's excactly how it happened for me too. It's funny too becuase the food i bring to work is colorful and beatiful compared to some of he processed stuff my friends bring they acutally want my sugar snap peas and hummus rather than the chips and sandwich they brought watch out people will salavate over your food so put some extra in your lunch so that when you share there will be enough for you. Nat you are doing so well. I sent your blog to a friend who has the same struggles as you and I she said she started to cry when she read it because she has some of the same feelings you have. I can't thank you enough for being so open hearted and sharing your story with all of us. Lisa and brad too.


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