Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 10: Wednesday - the day of the scale

As anyone who has had an issue with weight can probably tell you - the scale is a horrible thing.  It is an instrument of terror that should be avoided at all costs.  It could be used as a torture device.  Anticipation of having to get on it causes fear.  Knee-buckling fear.  Here at the DFC - Wednesday is weigh in day.  For this first week, it has been 8 days since we last weighed in.  Everyone (who stays on program) certainly feels better - but will that show on the scale?  I am on a low sodium diet, so I should lose plenty of water weight, at a minimum - but will I?  What if I came down here, and spent time and money - and don't lose anything?  What if.... what if.... what if.......  Well - the good news is, it was good news.  It was worth it!  Not that I broke any records, I am sure - but it was moving the right direction!  I am not deluded enough to think this volume of loss with continue each week.  The first week is always the biggest.  But I am very happy with the loss.  I don't look any different, but I feel different.  That counts for something - right? =) 

There is one guy here (who tends to be a bit of whiner anyway) who lost 11 pounds.  Eleven pounds in a week - and he wasn't happy with that.  This is also the guy that wants the staff here to guarantee large amounts of weight loss.  He seems to miss the point that his success is his ability to change.  His ability to eat well, and move his rear.  Needless to say, he has moments of working my last nerve with his never-ending complaining.  Dude - you are here.  Shut up (sorry Dad) and take advantage of it.  Geesh.

Today I had my first disappointing meal.  It was all my fault.  I apparently took leave of my senses last week when doing my menu.  I picked some falafel something or other (chickpea patties) - they were disgusting, and I didn't eat them.  Good for me - less calories.  Bad for me - I am going to be starving tomorrow!  Oh well - I will survive.  Hopefully I made better choices for tomorrow.

The request was made for pictures of the people here at FC.  I took this with my phone today at breakfast without him knowing.  This is Howard.  Unfortunately, you can't tell exactly how blue his hair is.  All of that lighter gray hair is in fact light blue.  It worked well for me that he likes to hear himself talk enough that he didn't know I was snapping pictures. 

I will work on more pics as time goes on.....

I also attempted to play Bingo tonight (they have Bingo every Wednesday at the DFC at 6:15pm).  I don't know what made me think I would like it.  Bingo drives me crazy.  I tried it.  I left before the last game.  I have learned that it isn't just Bingo at Coopers that drivers me crazy.  It is Bingo in general. 

Tomorrow night is karoake night.  I can't wait to see what a mess this results in!  Who goes and sings karoake when they are sober?!?!?!  This is unheard of!  I will not be singing, but I can spectate with the rest of them!  What is your favorite Karoake memory?  I know you all have one.


  1. Sleeping Single in a Double Bed as performed by Ms. Natalie Kath....

    I'm happy you had a good week on the scale!

  2. So I cant say for sure, but the blue hair is probably self-inflicted with a "rinse". It is a temporary color that only stays on until you shampoo it out. Some people think it makes their white hair look gray but we all know it looks blue. If that is not it he may be in trouble! Keep up the good work Nad! You are on my mind! Mitz

  3. Yeah! Great job with the scale...keep it up. :)

  4. Of course...My unique vocal stylings of "Total Eclipse of the Heart"! or my duet with Rick of the Kiki Dee/Elton John diddy "Don't Go Breakin' My Heart" where I would only sing the boy parts.

  5. My favorite karaoke moment is the sing off between Darcy and Scott Brenden in Siren, WI of the song Just a Gigilo!

    And I hate to admit this, but this year I rescheduled my doctor's appt 3 times because I knew I had gained weight and didn't want to get on the scale. Sad, but true.

  6. Apparently, you can't add to your post when you accidently hit post. Anyway, the point of the my last comment was that now that I've been exercising more and trying to stay on my schedule I feel so much better that I don't really care what that scale says! The way you feel really affects what you can accomplish.

  7. Hi Nat

    I am so happy the scale went in your direction. Each day adds up ad b/4 u know it you will look amazingly different. love lisa and brad

  8. congrats on the good news!!

    sad news on the falafel, natalie! from some one who enjoys it, i can admit, it's very hit or miss. bad falafel is just bad.

    also, karaoke? i think you can probably guess my favorite moment ;)

  9. Hi Nad I'm glad the day of the day of the scale went well for you. Way to go,also glad to hear your feeling better. Keep up the good work.

  10. Favorite Karaoke moment? hmmmm...I don't remember this, but reminescing (sp?) over Mackenzie and I's drunken rendition of "Men" has been fun. "Talkin' 'bout men. A$$wipes!"

  11. Nad,
    Hey we are glad to hear your scale went well and many of you stories make me laugh out loud. I am glad to hear I am not the only one that is challenged by the new technologies. Keep up the good work.

    Love Dad

  12. Hey happy that all went well on the scale. Hell I know how that is I hate the scale. I am working on losing the baby weight so I am right there with ya. I am on the Jenny Craig diet which worked for me before but being able to eat everything in sight while prego was too damn FUN but not fun to take off. So I totally understand your stuggles. It sounds like you are having fun there but again we are talking about you can have fun anywhere and people have fun with you!! Your such an amazing person and I am so proud of you! it takes a strong woman to go through a 4 week program...keep up the great work!! Hmmm...karaoke song well a song that I know I was thinking of the other day and thought of you was "Ladies Night" and us dancing at the T or the underground I still remember your moves...OHHHH sooo much fun!! my karaoke song that I sing is Ready to Run by the dixie chicks...such a fav!! About all for now...take care!! :) thinking of you everyday!!

    Love you girl,
    Lori :)

  13. I have to second Wendys favorite memory of karaoke! That was so funny and I believe my good friend Chelsea has caught it on tape!


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