Monday, February 22, 2010

The First Day of the Rest of My Life

The day was finally here!!  The first day of fat camp.  I was in the lobby, rearing and ready to go, at 6:50am.  My FC friend Norine and I took the shuttle over to the "center" as it is referred to by the FC leaders.  Breakfast (some sort of quiche with some extremely red bacon-y looking meat but overall delicious) and then on to orientation, menu planning (a bit overwhelming, I am not going to lie), behavior health intro and fitness intro.  I also had my medical assessment (review of packet #1 and 100% cleared for exercise) and behavior health assessment (review of packet #2 - and made it out successfully, without being committed to a straight jacket!  SUCCESS!)  It was a lot of info to take in - and I think most of us know how well I do with School-like situations - but was a good day.

So far - here are the things I know:
  1. the food is really good.  even though it is really low in sodium.  (I wonder if maybe that will help my feet not look like loaves of bread?)
  2. these guys are really realistic.  No talk of cutting out my diet coke/mountain dew.  they even mentioned having a drink when we go on our restaurant visit.  love it!
  3. all of the new people (or new returning people) are really nice.  I got very lucky.
  4. I have homework (putting my menu together for the rest of the week which could legitimately take me over an hour tonight)
  5. I almost fell asleep during one of the talks today.  Oops.
  6. the weather is AWESOME.  It is so warm.
  7. I am tired.  I think my drive has caught up with me.  Early to bed this evening!!
Sadly - that is all I have to share today.  Should be some good tidbits tomorrow, when I have my fitness (or lack thereof) assessment!  Stay tuned.....


  1. Hi Nad - Sounds like quite an adventure. Keep up the good attitude :=)
    Love, Mom

  2. First day of the rest of your life for sure! Way to go! Mitz


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