Friday, December 3, 2010

Don't Be So Salty!

Since I got to FC, and realized how much better I felt eating low-sodium, I have tried to stick to that (when I am eating well). I feel so much less bloated, and just feel better all around! Too much sodium can cause high blood pressure, heart disease and even excess weight gain.  Back in the day the term "Salting the Land" meant poisoning the crops with salt so your enemies couldn't grow grains or produce. It is evil.

When I cook, I never add salt to what I am making. I even bought no-salt added ketchup (1 tablespoon has 190mg of sodium, no salt added = 0mg. Seriously). I haven't noticed a huge difference in the flavor of the food I make. Granted, that may be because I am used to low-sodium - but I can attest to the fact that you adjust fairly quickly, if this is something you want to try. 

The people in the know (whoever the people are that decide what our daily allowances of things should be) have determined that adults should get no more than 2300mg (one teaspoon) of sodium per day. That sounds like plenty - right? Well, if you make everything at home, from scratch - it should be plenty. If you make anything processed - anything canned or pre-made - you will probably get over that number fairly quickly. Even canned vegetables contain a lot of sodium. And canned tomatoes....just trust me when I say to go for the "no salt added" varieties.

I was going through some of the information I had gathered on sodium, and thought I would share some of my findings with you guys. Some of it is a bit shocking...

  • Subway is a healthy choice - right? Well - I thought getting my veggie sub on wheat with no cheese was the best choice for me. It may still be - but the sodium in the bread alone is: 410mg for a 6' wheat. I usually eat a foot long, because I only put veggies on it. That is 810mg of sodium! CRAP!
  • Cottage cheese is a good source of protein, but it is also completely loaded with salt! One cup has 918mg of sodium
  • If you're trying to choose something healthy at McDonalds, you might choose a grilled chicken sandwich. Their grilled chicken sandwich has 1190mg of sodium. Or I might think their Grilled Southwest Chicken salad would be a good choice. That salad has 960mg of sodium. And if you want to put the Newman's Own Low-Fat Balsamic dressing on it, you can add 730mg of sodium.
  • Applebee's has an under 550 calories menu. It appears that what they lack in calories, they make up for in sodium. Their Asian Crunch Salad has 3170mg of sodium. A SALAD people!! Their Grilled Shrimp & Island Rice has 2370mg of sodium. Why do people keep trying to talk me into liking shrimp? I also looked up their fajitas. I love fajitas. I may have to rethink it. The chicken, shrimp, steak or combo fajitas have 5670-6440mgs of sodium. In one serving. Over double your daily allowance, in one meal. Not great.
  • I sometimes try to convince myself that condiments are harmless. Not so much. Here are some sodium amounts for you. 
    • One Ketchup Packet 110mg of sodium
    • One tub of BBQ sauce from fast food restaurant 260mg of sodium
    • Soy Sauce 3 tablespoons = 2818mg of sodium
    • Teriyaki Sauce 3 tablespoons = 1916mg of sodium
 It is suggested, if you love your salt - you should use Sea Salt, and add it after cooking. Apparently the "well-rounded flavor" (whatever that means?) can help use 1/3 less than table salt.

Do you have a de-puff tip to share?     


    1. Thanks for this breakdown! Managing sodium can be crazy tricky. It's a really sneaky thing to be on the lookout for. Great article babes!

      (ps, I accidentally posted this comment in your previous post! Sorry dear but fixed now! Oy)

    2. Who would've known there was so much sodium in all those food items! Informative, Nat. Thanks for sharing!


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