Monday, December 13, 2010

SDtS Mission 101: Week 8

Every week we have an ever-increasing number of non-reporters. I have suspected, and am now more certain, that that is because you may not have had a week you thought worth reporting? Not that I should talk. I realized yesterday that I didn't report my own info for last week. It wasn't intentional. I blame the trauma of the Galeo's salad dressing. =) I am certain it would have been a crime scene. I had been sick for a few days, and hadn't exercised. It also appeared that the only thing that was going to make me feel better was pizza. So my results for last wee probably would have been a gain.

Where I was going with this is: for any of us that deal with the constant, every day battle of trying to control our eating and exercise, and ultimately our weight - we expect bad weeks. I was hoping Mission 101 would be a way to support each other through them. I think the way I have this set up doesn't allow for a lot of "interaction", and maybe that is part of the issue? Maybe if you could ask your questions, or vent your frustration, or brag about your accomplishments - and get closer to immediate gratification, it would be better? Or maybe we shouldn't report in as frequently? For those of you that use Facebook - use the wall! There are people beyond this mission that seem to check it regularly. Someone might have something helpful to share. And share the good stuff, too! I know it helps me want to move my ass, when I see other people are doing it! So if you guys would be so kind - I would appreciate any advice you guys can give me on ways you think this could work better. I'm a little sad that we have about 50% consistently reporting in. I am developing a complex. =) 

I read this article - 10 Things You Need To Know About Losing Weight - that also has a 6 part video that goes with it. It was kind of interesting. Thought I would share it, incase any of you might like it. They have English accents, so who doesn't like that? =)

Anywho...enough of my rambling. Here are the week 8 results. Only 3 weeks remain, and I know one of them is going to be a doozie for most of us. Great job this week, and let's kick ass this next week - before we are all overtaken by Holiday festivities!

  • Lost .2 pounds for a total loss of 2.2 pounds
  • Ran 7.7 miles (Goal: 10)
  • SHARE: After one of the most exciting & craziest weeks in my life, I'm happy to report I'm down 0.2 lbs and ran 7.7 miles!
  • note from natalie: Congratulations to Gela!! She, and her hubby, just found out that they are getting a baby boy! You can follow her through my blog. Her's is "Our Adoption Adventure". You are going to be a great momma!! 
  • Gained 3 pounds for a total loss of 9 pounds
  • SHARE: Bad week, Christmas parties, people in from out of town, dinner out every night, lazy, lazy, lazy.
  • Maintained weight for a total loss of 4.2 pounds
  • Exercised 4 times (Goal: 4)
  • SHARE: I am very happy that I managed to maintain this week! I guess I felt very snacky this week. So staying the same is alright with me.
  • Gained 1.5 pounds
  • SHARE: I had a crap week! And not for any good reason. I actually ate well--tried to eat as cleanly as possible. I guess I just ate too much! Also, was sick for 3 days, and did not exercise all week. Gained 1.5 pounds. Just snow flurries, no accumulation down south here, so no excuse for not writing in. Just demoralized! 

    note from natalie: I am about to lose my mind right now. I cannot get my cursor to line up over on the left of the page. I want to scream. OK. I feel better. Sorry if this is jacked for the rest of the entry. I am no IT whiz.

    Jason (aka: Vic Amore')
    • Lost 2 pounds for a total loss of 13 pounds
    • SHARE: Feeling a little under the weather this week, so I think that didn't help much with my progress.  I still brought a homemade 4 days this week (my boss was buying the other day).  I am down 2 lbs for the week.  I think the weight watchers is helping me practice some good portion control.  I did better the days that ate all my points, and it helped to lots of small meals and snacks through the day.   
    • WISDOM: One other thing that I have been reading, online and trying to practice is using smaller plates for my meals.  I always feel like I should fill my plate, and eat it clean (thanks mom)... Smaller plates give me the satisfaction of smaller portions that fill up the plate. 
    • note from natalie: this plate business is true! I do the same thing. They also covered this at FC, so it has to be true. =) 
    Jennifer D
    • Maintained weight for a total loss of 3 pounds
    • SHARE: Still in holding pattern with the weight. I'm finding it really hard with all the chocolate peppermint things put there - may face combo. And this weather makes me want to eat and hibernate! Anyone else struggling this week? 

    • Maintained weight for a total loss of 7.5 pounds
    • SHARE: I did not lose anything this week. Total loss is still 7-1/2 pounds. I'm happy I didn't gain this week. Ate out too much, didn't exercise and had too many mini cupcakes at the holiday party.  :)
    • Gained 1 pound for a total loss of 8.95 pounds
    • SHARE: GD Santa Cookies!!!
    • note from natalie: those a-holes get us all this time of year!

    • Maintained weight for a total loss of 8.4 pounds
    • No sweets after noon: had some, but not too much, except for one night, when I pigged out on Finnish sweets - still room for improvement
    • healthy dinner by 6pm, and no food after: nah, we were still working at 6, so had late dinners :-(
    • Exercise 4 or more times per week: nothing, except wading in the snow a lot
    • SHARE: Just returned yesterday late at night from a business trip. I spent last week in Finland, had very long days of work, and absolutely no time to think about food or exercise. Even so, I still maintained my weight, I guess wading in snow counts as exercise, right? ;-) 
    • note from natalie: Maybe I can develop a relationship of tolerance with the snow if I look at it solely for it's ability to burn calories! Thank you for that idea! =)
    • Lost 2 pounds for a total loss of 4 pounds
    • Slept 7+ hours 5 nights (Goal: 4)
    • Maintained weight for a total loss of 1 pound
    • SHARE: I am to the point where i'm glad that i'm able not to gain wt during the holiday season. I am going to try and combine clean eating with exercising. I'm good about doing one or the other but not both at the same time. My mind plays tricks on me like "you can have that piece of candy or chips you worked out today". I wish I could sync my mind and body the way i do my i pod!
    • note from natalie: lady - you are preaching to the choir. I am about 1 week in to doing both. SUCH A STRUGGLE. 

    • SHARE: I had a good week- ate out for lunch once but it was half of a veggie sub so not unhealthy! YAY!  I worked out and made myself some veggie packed stir fry to eat for dinner (I have started to be more open to leftovers alsowhich is weird to me.)  My weight is maintained so I think things are going very well.
    • note from natalie: I am trying to have a more loving relationshiop with leftovers as well. I just can't like them, which is problematic.

    • Lost 2 pounds for a total loss of 5 pounds
    • SHARE: Love the snow! Trying to eat better and move more.
    • Gained 1 pound for a total loss of 2 pounds
    • SHARE: And I've been making xmas cookies so that's just no good!!
    • Lost 2 pounds for a total loss of 2.3 pounds
    • Exercised 4 pounds (Goal: 4)
    • SHARE: Oh boy you know it was a crazy week!  Anyway, I worked out 4 times this week and lost .2 Lbs.  Works for me...thanks for making me more aware of my decisions! 
    • note from natalie: I don't have anything to do with your decisions....that's up to each of us. =) Great job!
    • Lost .6 pounds for a total loss of 8 pounds

    Stephanie D

    • Maintained weight for a total loss of 7 pounds
    • SHARE: Haven't reported in a week or so, but nothing to report NOTHING lost or gain....uggghhhh  Need to work on this....
    • SHARE: Omg! I got too wrapped in the blizzard...I was up 1 this week....ugh!
    • Lost 6 pounds for a total of 14 pounds during Mission 101 (Only 41 pounds to lose in 3 weeks. I got this! haha)
    • Got all of my workouts in, with the new routines
    • Getting better with the eating and tracking....
    • Off caffeine for the most part, and no drinking.

    I'm looking forward to a great week! I hope you guys are, too!!


  1. I share your non-interest in's embarrassing how much food I toss. You would think I would learn to cook in smaller would think.

  2. thank you for the sweet comments! we are beyond excited! regarding mission 101, i was wondering if you're considering extending it? if you get tired of posting all the info on here, maybe we could do something more informal through facebook? i just know it's helped me to stay more on task when i know that i need to report each week. just my two cents... gela

  3. How about a message board? They're easy to set up, and many are free! I will help!


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