Friday, December 10, 2010

Do Work

** this was supposed to post at 6am. Not sure what happened. Sorry. =)

This week I started my new workouts from YC. He's trying to kill me. Bless his little heart - I think he may have also been on something when he put the weights in for each of the exercises. I have done most of the exercises before, some of them very recently - and some I even do more than twice a week. I did the final new routine (I have four total) on Thursday, and noticed some peculiar things:
  1. On Monday I had to do dumbbell presses up over my head while standing. I used 17.5# weights. Today I had to do the same exercises, using 25# weights. I'd also like to share with you a little helper I found today. When you are having a hard time getting the last couple of reps up, it really helps to stand up on your tiptoes. At least on one foot. Yes. I was the fool doing that.
  2. Sometimes, on Tuesday, you have to do one arm press downs. Knowing what that is isn't nearly as important as knowing that he expected me to be able to do them at 40 pounds (I got 7 done with my right arm and gave up. I moved it down to 35). Today I got to do the same exercise with two arms, and he had me set to do that with 30 pounds. Seriously. 
  3. There were about 4 other exercises - I won't continue to bore you with the details - where he had me doing way less weight than I had been doing, or he all of the sudden decided I should be so mighty and capable of lifting double of what I could.
So needless to say, I have something entertaining to look forward to tomorrow. I can't wait to ask him what exactly was going on when he put these workouts together. Granted - he was just coming off a weekend of excessive drinking with his college buddies, so maybe he temporarily killed too many brain cells?

These workouts are great, though. My body is so tired! The leg workout is absolutely brutal! I suspect it is because I have to haul my above-average sized ass up and down for every rep. Every squat, lunge and step-up. I wonder if the workouts will get easier as I drop some LBs? Who am I kidding? YC will just make me use weights to make up for it. It was nice to get to use normal-sized weights, instead of the tiny washer weights, for my squats.

When I first got to the gym, there was a girl who passed out in the locker room. It was kind of scary! I was walking toward her - she was sitting on the tile with her knees up, which I thought was weird, and then she put her head on her arms that were crossed over her knees. Little did I know, she was out cold. Two ladies that work at the gym helped her. She came to for a couple of seconds, and then was out again. I decided me staring at her wasn't going to help, so I went about my day. I guess they had to call the ambulance, and she had to go with them! Freaky!

Take care of yourselves, everyone!

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