Tuesday, December 7, 2010

please don't take my eye candy away....

If you had told me a few months ago that I would miss the gym, I would have asked you what you were smoking. I guess maybe it is what is causing you to miss that gym that makes the difference? If you are unable to miss the gym because....let's say....you're on a tropical vacation, sitting by a pool sipping on yummy drinks with umbrellas - you might not be so sad. But if you are, as I was last Thursday thru Sunday, confined to your home because you have a cold and can't breathe - you'd give just about anything to get back.

Monday, all of my dreams came true! I got to go back to the gym, and as an added bonus I got to meet with YC. It was my first "new" weight workout. I now have a total of 4, instead of 5. There looks to be one that will still make me want to cry a little bit (the leg one always kills me! I think it is because so many of the exercises involve me hauling my own ass up and down - and that is quite a job!), and they all have about 8ish exercises with 4 sets of 10 each. I'm going to be doin' some fairly serious work in that weight room. Not to worry, though. I realized today that I grunt considerably less than most of the men in that area. I was entertained to see a man grunting up a storm, and lifting the same amount of weight as me. I typically try not to judge - I think doing anything is positive, and you deserve respect for that - but when you need to strut around like a peacock, and make so much noise - you are begging to be mocked. (that may have been the longest/worst run-on sentence, ever!)
one example of eye candy
 Monday was not without sad moments. I found out that half of my EC duo has left. He apparently got picked up by the Broncos. When YC told me the news, I am not going to lie - some sadness crept into my heart. Great for him - and hopefully I'll be able to see him in football pants one day soon (they are God's gift to me) - but sad that I will probably  never see  him again. But there was a silver lining. One of them is still left - and it is entirely possible that he may need a shoulder to cry on. I just so happen to have two shoulders! And they are stronger than they used to be! I can be there for him. I can ease his pain. I could be his new lifting partner?!?!!? Just picturing that makes me giggle. I am guessing I lift about 1/10 of the weight he does. And let's be honest - I wouldn't get a damn thing done. I would be too distracted by his candy-ness.
in case you needed another example of eye candy
So now I know I can do it. I can breathe enough to go to the gym, and get my workouts in, which makes me so happy. I also have more incentive to get my rear there. My EC needs me. 

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