Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Life is Like a Sheetcake Made of Victory

I stole the line I used for the title from Patton Oswalt, and made it my own. =) He's funny.

Before I get started on my post, I have a couple of people who sent in updates for Mission 101 last week - and I want to get them out there.

  • SHARE: I did nothing this week as far as exercise goes....had so much going on at home...didn't make time for it and should have. Fail. On to next week?? 
  • note from natalie: Instead of fail, I'd prefer to call it an "opportunity for improvement". =) You have a lot going on. Cut yourself some slack! 
Carrot Top
  • SHARE: Super hungry the last few days.  Did start taking vitamins and on day three I woke up 1.5 hours earlier than usual. This could be cool.
Now...onto my rambling. =)

Do you guys ever have this? Where every once in a while, you have a day where it feels like the world is smiling at you? I had one on Tuesday. Now...this is not to say that my average day is horrible. I am about 95% responsible for everything I encounter in a day, so if my days are a struggle, I would have no one to blame but myself. Tuesday was an exceptional day. 

I felt all bright and smiley - like this picture

 It didn't really feel any different when I got out of bed. I guess I didn't have the usual is cold and dreary outside, so I want to stay in bed forever. But as I started working my way through my day, I just felt calm. At ease. The sun was out, and it was clear and crisp. Pretty. I am not usually a fan of cold weather, but without wind it was pretty tolerable. My eggs turned out perfectly for breakfast, and for the first time in a week the roof of my mouth didn't want to make me cry the whole time I ate. (I burned the crap out of it on cauliflower of all things! Veggies shouldn't hurt you.) 

During my session with YC on Monday I asked about my workouts. I have a total of four now, but am still supposed to lift 5 days a week. I asked if I should be doing the leg workout twice a week to break up the other 3 upper body workouts, and was sad that his response was "yes". When I shared with him that the leg workout made me feel like I might die when I did it last week, his overly sympathetic response was "it's good for you". So Tuesday was round one of legs, and because Tuesday was extraordinary - it was almost easy! Well....the exercises may not have been any easier, but I had something nice to look at. "Big Sexy" - the name I have now given to the half of my EC that remains in WI was working out while I was there. It really does help to have something nice to look at. Again - - Tuesday was extraordinary.

I did my cardio, which was much less painful than it usually is after my leg workout, and headed out. I came home and made myself lunch - and even my vegetables tasted good today! Not that they usually taste bad - but I didn't choke them down while dreaming of pizza instead. 

Maybe the universe thought I needed a win? Or maybe the stars aligned to create the perfect day? Or maybe...I had a little bit to do with it? Maybe the fact that I have mustered the strength to eat well, while continuing to exercise, earned me a break? Whatever it was...I am appreciative. It is nice to have a day that is just...easy. And we all deserve them. 

How was your day great?


  1. Hear, hear, Natalie. I think that when we're appreciative of things, the world seem to turn right side up!

  2. Just reading this made me smile! Knowing your friends are happy makes you happy! Mitz


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