Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Non-stop Pizza = +2

This past weekend was about 50/50. I felt like I maintained some control on Thanksgiving. I still had the fattening stuff (scalped corn & a sliver of pecan pie) - but I didn't eat nearly the quantity I used to. I had cookie baking days with my sisters and nieces on Friday and Saturday. I ate 3 cookies total - so I did pretty good on that front. I also got my workout in on Thursday and Friday at the faux gym.

Now onto where I struggled....I ate pizza for three consecutive meals. Ummm...yeah. I'm not sure, but I don't think you will find that listed anywhere as a diet for weight-loss success. I requested pizza for dinner on Friday, at my favorite place. Then it just got busy! We were baking cookies for 14.5 hours on Saturday! When lunch was brought up, we thought of the easiest thing....PIZZA!! Disaster. 

I made an attempt at pulling it back together, and had Subway for lunch on Sunday. But then couldn't resist the delicious bars my friend Stephanie made. I may have also had to have some cheese curds on my drive back to Wisconsin. Oops. 

I was so close! Oh well. I ate way better than I did the same weekend last year. I exercised more than I did last year. That is what counts ... right?!? Right. I am ready to get back on track, and kick some ass between now and Christmas.

Here are my mission 101 results (I weighed Sunday night, when I got home - after pizza, diet mountain dew, pizza, diet mountain dew, pizza, cheese curds, diet mountain dew)

  • Gained 2 pounds for a total loss of 52 pounds total
  • Exercised 5x with weights and cardio (missed my just cardio session on Saturday)
  • Tracking and eating within calorie range: Need lots of improvement
  • No Alcohol - win.
  • Limit caffeine - lots of room for improvement. I had about 3423 fluid ounces of diet mountain dew this weekend.
Needless to say - I have some room to improve. I am going into my last week with my current weight-lifting routine. I get a new one next week. I'll lose those two pounds, plus a little more. I have a lot of ground to make up between now and the end of the year. I best get to it. 

I hope you all have a great week!


  1. 52 pounds Natalie!!!!! Wow! I guess I didn't realize it was that much...I need to pay more attention. That is AWESOME! Seriously,way to go!!
    There are going to be those times that we don't eat perfectly but I think as long as we get back on track and keep going it's ok. Where I run into problems is when I think "I didn't do well yesterday, I might as well eat what I want today too" and before I know it, it's been a week or two and I have totally blown it. Keep kicking ass Nat!!! :) Sarah

  2. Hey that was that day. And as you say you did way better than last year. So that was then. This is now. So onwards and upwards (or should that be onwards and downwards?!)

    Get your ass back on track and kick some more before Christmas. Lots of love xxx

  3. Cut yourself a little slack, lady. Like you said, there's been quite an improvement from last year--and yes, that counts for a lot! You'll lose those two pounds in no time, I'm certain you can do it! Go Natalie!


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