Sunday, September 26, 2010

Alcohol: Friend or Foe?

I have spent much of the past 17 years of my life in some sort of alcohol-induced fog.  Preparing to go out for the night of heavy drinking, drinking heavily during the evening, recovering from the night of heavy drinking.  As time has gone on, and I have become....more mature (a fancy term for older)....I have realized that I just can't cope like I used to.  When I went to FC I cut booze, for the most part, from my life.  Not only does it save calories, and a butt-load of cash - I also don't lose entire days to recovery!  Let's face it - the older you get, the longer the healing process becomes.  Additional bonus?  My friends typically have a sober cab when I am around!  Who doesn't love that?

I was somewhat distraught to find an article that claimed that women who have one drink a day gained less weight over a 13 year period, and are 30% less likely to end up overweight or obese.  Thirty percent is a pretty big percentage!!  What am I cutting out booze for, if it might help make me smaller?  Then it dawned on me - - the article stated that you should have one drink per day.  One.  Who has one?!?!?!  I am an all or nothing girl when it comes to my booze.  Why bother having a beer or two?  It will only make you tired.  If you are going to drink - DRINK.  Have fourteen!  I realized the group for this study would not have included me...ever.  In fact, I cannot begin to image who they found that only had one drink per day for 13 years?  So I guess I won't let this study get me too wound up.

 On one of my many "fat" shows I watch on TV they said you could have a Vodka Soda (soda water, not pop) (shout out to Stephanie and Darcy sticking with these) for only 60-65 calories.  They also said you could have Tequila on the rocks with some water - but that made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.  Tequila can only be done by this girl when I have had enough libations to completely deaden my senses, so I no longer have control of all my faculties - and by that time, who cares about calories?!?


It is probably for the best.  I tend to turn into a bit of a nut-ball when I have had to much to drink.  I do the running man, I ramble incessantly and become the authority on a lot of things (I kind of do this when I am sober, too - but I believe it gets worse with booze), I do victory dances ..... wait!  Maybe all of this "drunken dancing" could be viewed as a perk to drinking?  At least I am burning calories...right?

To drink, or not to drink?  That is the question that has been plaguing fat woman since the dawn of time.  I guess I will just have to live with: Try not to drink, but when you do - dance your ass off!

So grab yourself a vodka soda, or tequila & water on the rocks (gag), and root for your favorite team.  It is football season!!  GO VIKES!!

Have a favorite low-calorie cocktail?  Please share the recipe!


  1. 1 cocktail...I wonder what that would be like...??

  2. While I greatly appreciate the shoutout, just a little math from this accountant. 60 Calories *10 drinks = 600 calories and pure trouble :( But the way I see it is my little pina colada :)


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