Thursday, September 30, 2010

Exercise... The Poor Person's Plastic Surgery

I think it would be easier to, and possibly less painful to, have the superfluous half of my body removed surgically.  Unfortunately, that doesn't really fit into my current financial situation.  What I can afford are periodic torture sessions at the WAC with YC. 

When I am behaving as one should when they are actively trying to lose weight and get healthy, I spend a fair amount of time at the gym.  I have, once again, clawed myself back on track this week.  I did my leg workout on Monday and my tricep workout on Tuesday, biceps on Wednesday, and legs again today.  If you will remember, my initial leg workout left me unable to walk for a week - the first tricep workout caused me to have a nearly impossible time touching my face, feeding myself (not an all-bad thing) or washing my hair.  This week I have only suffered small/reasonable amounts of pain - so this all seems much more acceptable at this point.  The only issue I am having now is that I am just so tired!  Not just my body...everything!  I feel like I am going through the first week of FC all over again - where my body is in some sort of shock that only sleep will fix!
Part of my tricep workout from hell is the actual bench press.  I was slightly nervous to be doing this for the first time without a spotter.  The last couple of reps, on my last few sets, got a little sketchy when I was working with YC.  I certainly don't want to be the person pinned under the bar, unable to lift it off me - or the girl that has the bar slam down on her face and knock her teeth out!  No worry necessary - it went just fine.  Well...just fine except for one small see - sometimes ... when you have little or no upper-body strength, you can't lift heavy things.  When you aren't able to lift heavy things, you have to hunt for the 2.5 pound weights to add to the bar for the correct weight.  Let me paint a picture for you: it is total "dude" time at the gym - like to the point where I had to wait for a bench to do my lifting.  These guys have weights as big around as my waist (I know that is big - they are huge!!), and in multiples.  So here I am....wandering around to find the 2.5 pound weights, which basically look like large washers.  Kind of mortifying to be lifting tiny washers when everyone else is lifting major weights.  I had to remind myself to be content that I'm doing something...right?  It has made me giggle a few times since just thinking about it. 

It tends to make it easier for me to get my elephantine (seriously - that is a listed synonym for "fat") body to the gym when I can find ways to entertain myself.  I have my iPod loaded with my favorite tunes, but it never hurts to have a back-up I looked for something else to entertain me.  That's when I remembered!  People-watching entertains me.  The gym is a great place for this!  I was reminded about one of my favorite types of people to watch: Eye candy (EC).  Whether it is a hot hunk of man-meat, or a foxy lady - EC will help the time pass more quickly than usual, and make the workout less painful.  I showed up a little later than my usual time on Monday and found two cute young men just lifting away.  I figured I wouldn't get lucky two days in a row - but on Tuesday, there they were again!  Sadly, they weren't there Wednesday or today.  In fact, the weight area was almost empty, which was kind of nice for a change.  I can get my workout done so much faster when I am not so...distracted. 

What do you use as an incentive to exercise?


  1. Nat,
    I'm very proud of you!! The blog rocks! And any effort on any given day to do something healthy and try to figure out the why...about weight and food is great! I have been there have all the t-shirts from size 6 to 26 and support you all the way. Go sexy bitch!

  2. Hi,
    Just found your blog via some friends and added you on Twitter. I'm a Minnesota girl -and- a DFC alum as well. It is great to read about some of the same things I have gone through over the times I've been at the DFc and back home again.

    As for incentive, I always seem to like it once I get there. And more so, exercise really does make me feel better about myself after I have done it. A sense of accomplishment. A sense of knowing that I still can make those goals I set out for myself. A sense of still being me while ignoring all the setbacks that come up in life.

    You are great for doing this, and for being so open about it online. You are an inspiration :)


  3. I agree with what Becky said about feeling better once I do work out. I truely do feel so much better since a hard work out usually promps me to eat healthy too. It is a win-win situation!

  4. I agree with Mackenzie and Becky. I dread running, but I know I'll feel fantastic afterward. -EB


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