Monday, October 4, 2010

In The Army Now

After my workout on Friday - only the elliptical machine, which felt like a nice break because I didn't have to do weights - I headed back to Minnesota for what turned out to be a lot of things!  It is kind of crazy how much one person, who really just likes to sit on her couch, can get done when she has so limited time!
I received a phone call last week from my friend Nina (Nine-ah) asking if I would be willing to go to her sister Molly's bootcamp class on Saturday morning (she knows better than to ask if I was interested - - the answer is always NO!).  I asked if I would have to run.  The answer was: no.  I said I probably wouldn't be able to do a lot of things.  The answer was: that is fine, just go at your own pace.  So I agreed.  The class is held in the same place I used to take dance lessons when I was younger...much younger!  I was a striped dog once!  I know - picturing all of this bod in a ballet outfit is hysterical - but I was much smaller then.  I promise.  Back to the class - it was sponsored by Lady Gaga, and fortunately for me - it was just the 3 of us.  Things weren't off to a great start - I forgot my towel (horrible mistake for someone who sweats like a maniac!).  Molly was kind enough to provide me with two "towelettes" (see the tiniest towel in the photo) but they were completely saturated in 2 minutes!  I also noticed upon entering that the mats were "baby mats".  I considered putting about 4 of them together, so they could handle my girth - but that seemed like a lot of extra work.  I did as much as I could, kept moving - and amazingly, I survived. (post-class photo of me, one my "towelettes" and baby mat" attached!)  I was a sweaty mess, and felt good for getting in some exercise instead of "taking the weekend off" like I normally do when in MN.  Shout out to Molly & Nina for tolerating my anti-in-shape bod invading their class!  For fun I may torture them next weekend, too.

I had a wedding Saturday night for a couple of friends I met at my favorite Eagan bar.  It was beautiful and lovely.  They are so cute together.  Shout out to Jessica & Adam!  They also had some of the best dancers, ever, invited to the dance.  It was fantastic!  I had plenty of waters and diet cokes, and remained completely entertained!

Sunday my aunts Rhonda and Karlene, along with my sister Wendy & I, went to do a lit drop for my cousin Kory's campaign.  He is running for re-election as State Representative of district 26A (if you live in Owatonna or Waseca - VOTE FOR HIM! =)).  Lit dropping basically results in walking for 900 miles, or what seemed like it to my fatigued body, and leaving a sheet of info about the candidate at each home in your designated area.  After a mild snaffu on the first packet (no one read the instructions, and we dropped at some houses we weren't supposed to) we got the remaining 7 packets done in no time.  My feet were a bit sore, but it was nice to get out and enjoy the beautiful fall day - and get in some exercise.

I decided I deserved the day off from exercise today.  I hurt.  I went from 4-5 (or sometimes less) a week just doing the elliptical, with maybe one session with YC to 4 days of lifting & cardio, one day of cardio, one day of bootcamp, one day of lots of walking.  Seven days in a row for an out-of-shape, still very overweight girl proved to be too much.  I just couldn't want to do it today, and I am more than OK with that.  It is allowing me to get started on my new knitting project - a sweater to wear to Christmas! 

For anyone in, or around Owatonna - check out Molly's classes!  They are at "Dynamic Dance", which is the old Jill Hoggard Dance Studio downtown.  Molly Titchenal is on Facebook - go be her friend, and go to her classes!


  1. Towelette and baby mat--funny! Glad you could find good humor before this little predicament!

  2. As a fellow dancer at that studio - I can attest to the fact that Nad looked HOT as a striped dog. The poodle left a lot to be desired. :)


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