Friday, October 22, 2010

Let's Talk About Fat, Baby

I know I just told you guys - I am not a lover or follower of the news. Remember - ignorance is bliss for me in that department. It is too damn depressing! But even though I make an effort to only keep current on sports news - I watch SportsCenter at the gym - I have heard a number of rumblings about this "Fat Talk Free Week" movement that is currently taking place. A friend forwarded the Time Magazine article to me, and because I follow so many weight-related figures on Twitter, I have seen a ton of opinions on it there. The hardest part for me to imagine? Standing in front of a mirror, wearing as little as you are comfortable with -  and saying only positive things to yourself. I think it may actually leave me speechless, for the first time in my life!

While reading the article, I got the impression that the biggest push of this campaign was "self-talk". Not to refer to yourself as fat. Not to say that "I" need to exercise. Not ask questions about  yourself, your size, your clothes or their fit - don't think about your body in terms of volume. I could have been missing something (it certainly wouldn't be the first time that has happened) - but that is the gist I got. Maybe they should have built in a component where they try to ban magazines from airbrushing their cover models into oblivion? Where maybe it is illegal to airbrush their cellulite, or shave a little off their arms, face. legs, you name it. I get that the ability to overcome the society pressure for skinny is each person's own battle, so starting with their own actions is key - but it would be nice if some of the larger perpetuaters (is that a word? If not, I would like to make it one) of the problem were held accountable. Or maybe it is just me.

I know this is something I should improve on. I know I call myself fat on this blog, or discuss my fat, or the volume of my fat, my fat as it pertains to the size of my rear, fat, fat, fat, fat. I guess it could be creating additional issues for me, but I don't think I have an issue with me calling myself fat. I have an issue with other people who think it is OK to comment on my fat. I think if that was the focus of this week, I would be so much more on board. If they called it "Don't comment on my your own bobber" week, I would have gone to a college campus myself to participate. For those of us on the more rotund end of the spectrum, I think that is the bigger issue. We could probably all talk a little nicer to ourselves, and others.

What is your take on "Fat Talk Free Week"?


  1. MamaNat,
    I couldn't agree with you more. Self talk can either be helpful or destructive. Exercising kindness should begin with ourselves. It's the only way we can reach self motivation without tearing ourselves down.

  2. Natalie!
    I just read your entire blog. I am talking all of your backpages - everything. WHAT A FREAK (also I am avoiding study for my swiftly approaching exams).
    You are such an amazing person - you are funny & inspiring & just wow.
    Keep blogging!


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