Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I am astonished by the amount of things that I can get done when I get up in the morning, and just get moving. When I don't cave to the stupid alarm clock. When my old friend, the couch, doesn't lure me away from my schedule. When my rider finally gets my elephant to move it's ass!

I had an appointment with YC this morning. There was much talking and catching up to be done. I had to apologize for my laziness...again. I had to confess that I am a 35 year old who for some reason is in constant need of supervision...again. I had to do calf-raises...again. But all was not lost. YC is, as I sure all of you have gathered, pretty much the bomb. We are going to set times, on the days when I don't meet him, when I will need to come work out. He will either be working out himself, or be working with another client - but he will see me. Babysitting accomplished! My goal is to do cardio (at least 40 minutes) and weights (one of his tormenting workouts) Monday-Friday, and then just cardio on Saturday (60 minutes). If I do all of this, I will have earned Sunday as my "free" day to just sit on the couch, knit (I have learned I don't get to count this as cardio) and watch football. I also learned this morning that this very blog, that you are reading, has made its way around the WAC staff. Shout out to Susan for sharing it with everyone, and shout out to YC for being a good sport about it. I also got him to agree to a "YC Profile" on SDtS! Keep your eyes peeled for that! Everyone at the gym knowing I need to be there will just be one more reason why I can't cheat. I can't get away with telling you guys how hard I worked if I didn't really go do it! They'll bust me! I know, I know - I shouldn't need that as an incentive. I should be able to self-motivate, and self-monitor, and self-a lot of other things, but the truth of the matter is: I need babysitters. It is a sad, but true, realization I have finally resigned myself to.

I also realized that I left myself off the introductions for "Slimming Down to Sexy Mission 101"! I was so excited about everyone that is taking part in it, and their fantastic goals, that I forgot about myself! I am super-selfless...like a mission-running, modern-day Mother Teresa. (shout out to hopefully not offending people) Part of my issue is that I don't have a bod that can be weighed by just any scale. Those home scales that go up to like 200 or 250? I would crush those things like a pop can! So basically, I am not entirely sure how many pounds I need to lose, because I don't know what I currently weigh. The only thing I have is the total pounds lost that I want to be at. So here are my goals, in a slightly different format from the rest of the "marvelous Missioners".

  • be to a total of 101 pounds lost (from my first day at FC)by 1/1/11
  • follow the exercise guidelines as stated above
  • track my calories daily, and record them in my body bugg program (p.s. - day one with my body bugg, which I am still thinking of a name for, and I am LOVING it. More on that later)
  • I get to eat "freely" on Thanksgiving. That is it. 
  • I get to get myself a Blackberry Torch - I LOVE NEW GADGETS!
  • oh yeah...and be healthier and blah, blah, blah
This is go time, people. I have been dinking (yes, dinking) around long enough. Let's get that damn scale moving down! Right!?! 


  1. 101# = $101 for shopping for new clothes to house the loose skin in. Won't it look better in new clothes?
    Or, you could really use the $101 for whatever you like...and it only takes $100, but if you want to do $101, I'll fork over the extra dollar.


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