Monday, October 25, 2010

Is The Honeymoon Phase Over?

I had two sessions with YC last week. When you are beginning a mission, and possibly lack some of the dedication required for success, you have to see your "babysitter" more often.  This was our first week of having two sessions together. I think that must have been too much for YC to take. I guess I must have looked less than enthused (possibly like the pic on the right, perhaps?) when he was telling me to do my tricep kickbacks. Shocking, I know. But it is true. YC told me, and I quote - "don't ever look at me like that again". It surprised me that I (attempting to look especially shy and innocent) would have done anything to deserve that kind of talk! But apparently I did, and I got scolded. I guess when you need a babysitter like a small child, you can also get scolded like a small child. He also informed me that my "nice" voice isn't nice. What!?!?! How odd. I'm not sure what face I gave him, but I'll try to keep this mug neutral going forward!

I did actually do all of the work I set out to do at the gym. I did 5 days of weights, rotating through the 3 workouts from YC. It helped that I had to check in with YC on those days. I also did 40 minutes on the elliptical machine on each of those days. I went in and walked for an hour on the treadmill on Saturday. My body is tired, but I'm so happy I did it! Now if I can figure out how to stop inhaling things I'm not supposed to eat, I will be sittin' pretty!  

One of our common interests is football. YC played, and still coaches. I love boys in tight pants. (shout out to football pants - they are God's gift to me) It works really well for both of us. He is from Wisconsin, and unfortunately favors the Packers. I am a Minnesota girl, and love my Vikings. He felt it would be a good idea for us to make a wager on the game. He promised it would not be something that would be like a punishment for me - so I was on board! I think we came up with a deal that will work well for both of us! If the Vikings win, I get a week of free training! Bonus, right!?!?! And if the Packers win, I have to bring lunch to YC all week. Either way, I have to go every day - so I figure it is somewhat good for me either way. But I REALLY wanted to win!!

Unfortunately, it just wasn't meant to be. I guess I better get my George Foreman grill fired up. I have a lot of lunches to make. I'll just look forward to getting those free sessions when they play in Minneapolis.

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