Thursday, October 28, 2010

Watch Your Mouth

I have heard on more than one occasion that the key to losing weight is more about what you're putting in your mouth, than how much your body is moving. I heard O'Neal and Sunshine (from the last season of Biggest Loser) say that they were told on campus that it was 30% exercise, 70% food. I know after being at FC, and seeing what a difference just salt made on how you feel, it doesn't seem that far off.

Unfortunately for me, what I am shoveling into my face is a constant battle! I love things that taste good. I also love things that are quick and easy to prepare - meaning I don't have to follow a recipe, and it takes about 10 minutes to make. I am realizing that hitting these criteria, while also being healthy, is a challenge. I have said I was going to have a challenge with myself to try out some of the recipes I have in my books, but I have just been too lazy.  Now that I am not running back to MN every other weekend, I have time to spend on trying to find new things to eat. I need to become a priority. Unless there is someone out there that would like to move to Milwaukee and cook for me?  Just let me know.

I made a horrible mistake on Tuesday. I went to the grocery store after the gym, when I was completely starving! It is like my alternate personality took over - or maybe Natalie just came back in the picture, and threw Sensatalie to the side without a second thought. Before I realized what I was doing, I had chips with cheese melted on them with salsa, and tollhouse cookies down the hatch. What the hell!?! I was feeling so good after my workout. Why didn't I just make the chicken I had in the fridge? It was like I didn't have any idea what I was doing until it was too late. I have made great improvements with "eating mindfully" since FC. Not that I always eat what I should, but that I at least realize I am doing it. This was different. I just threw crap in my cart, and then threw that same crap down my throat. After sitting down and thinking about it, I swear it was just a perfect storm of horrible decisions. I didn't have as much as I usually do for breakfast. I tacked on a few extra minutes at the gym. I was starving, and should have just gone home to eat. Instead, I went to the grocery store when my brain was too hungry to think straight. (can your brain be hungry? I think mine can) Going forward, I will be adding "don't go to the grocery store hungry...under any circumstances" to my ever-growing list of behaviors to change. I guess I'll have to give stupid Remus the victory on this one. Remus=1, Sensatalie=0.

I was reading in my Health magazine that the experts are now saying they want everyone to have 9 fruits and vegetables per day. I am personally thinking that the "experts" are the people who own and operate farmer's markets - but that might just be me. I like fruits and vegetables, so I honestly don't think this is outside the realm of reason for me. (can I count corn tortilla chips and salsa as vegetables? Then maybe Tuesday wouldn't have been so bad?) I just need to get my brain to work with me, and buy into the notion that I would rather have steamed broccoli than something with more calories. There are few guarantees in this life. One is that if you eat like crap, you won't lose weight. End of story. I could live on the elliptical machine, but if I don't make "smart and loving choices" (shout out to Jackie Warner for that gem) regarding my food consumption, it won't do a bit of good. Do I really want to bust my ass in the gym, just to undo it with what I eat? I think not.

What is your biggest food obstacle?

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