Friday, October 15, 2010

"Being a good writer is 3% talent, 97% not being distracted by the internet" - Anonymous

Today was the day I was going to get so far on my book.  I was going to get 2 more weeks done, and all of the updates and revisions and additions and improvements - that needed to be completed.  I was basically going to have that baby done!  Not so much.  Between email, Facebook and Twitter (my total new obsession) I was led astray.  Not so much led - I went willingly - so maybe tempted astray?  I did still get a reasonable amount of updating completed, and I have gotten 1/2 of it written - so it isn't like I didn't do anything.  I'm not sure I was a good writer to start with, and that larger ratio is certainly not helping matters! I did learn today that we only space once between sentences now? Mr. Esget (my HS English teacher) would be so disappointed in me. 

I just couldn't help myself!  Excitement abounds here at SDtS!!  At least I think it is exciting!  As of Thursday at 9:45pm, I am up to 19 total participants in the "SDtS: Mission 101" challenge!  This means, in short: I won't have to do it alone!!  Some want to shed a couple of pounds, some want to shed a lot of pounds.  Some have incorporated exercise into their goals.  It is basically a very personal mission, where we are all just going to do it together, and be really supportive of each other.  I can't wait to get started!! 

Another issue with my focus is probably because part of me might still be riding the high from the Chilean Miner rescue.  Honestly.  I couldn't stop watching it, and then crying, and then watching it, and then crying.  I am not a huge lover of the news - I think it is depressing, and the old adage "ignorance is bliss" works really well for me.  I confess, I didn't pay much attention to this story before Tuesday night.  But this story was absolutely unlike anything I have ever witnessed!  They are in an emergency shelter when the mine collapses - amazing.  They live for 17 days without anyone knowing if they are even alive - amazing.  The President of the Country (is President correct?  I should know after all of that footage of him, but I don't) basically goes against the more popular vote, and decides he is going to do whatever he has to do to save them - amazing.  There are 3 countries that race to drill to them first - amazing.  The men in the mine all have daily tasks and daily duties, and it appears no one goes crazy - amazing.  One miner has his wife and his girlfriend show up looking for him - oops.  People are smart enough to get them on a special diet, and extensively plan for their evacuation needs (clothes, sunglasses, etc), like this has ever happened before - amazing.  People are brave enough to go down into the cave, not knowing if this evacuation plan will actually work, to help the guys that are down there - amazing.  These guys had the balls to do what it took to stay alive in a cave, 2000ish feet into the earth, in 90 degree/humid temps, not knowing when or if help would actually make it to them, assuming if help did make it it would be around Christmas, and never give up - amazing.  The whole rescue operation when off without a hitch, and everyone was out like 14 hours ahead of schedule - amazing.  A-ma-zing.  Only un-amazing part of the whole thing?  Well, only un-amazing for me, really. Realizing I would have had to stay in the mine because my enormous rear would not have fit in that capsule!  For realz, y'all!

I am excited to have some visitors this weekend, and play with my new Body Bugg.  I am going to be ready for getting to it on Monday, which is good because I have a LONG way to go by the first of the year! 

Have a great weekend, everyone!  Make sure to tune in this weekend for the SDtS: Mission 101 introductions!

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  1. Hey sister -
    I'm not sure I can incorporate any type of goal other than exercise. I try not to think about weight when I'm impregnated (obviously - due to former and current weight gain, while pregnant situations) - but, I do need to exercise so I don't get that spastic muscle going in my back, again. So, I'm going to have to read up on this. I've been a slacker in recent weeks.


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