Wednesday, October 13, 2010

You're So Vain

There are periods of time where I go entire weeks without putting on anything other than t-shirts, sweat pants and sports bras.  It is as though real clothes do not exist.  Jeans?  They are just too binding.  Shirts that come in actual sizes?  They aren't nearly comfy as over-sized t-shirts.  Bras with clasps?  Why would you wear those when you can wear something that turns your boobs into one big tube?  It is easy to get too comfortable being comfortable.

I have had to put a new set of rules in place for myself.  At least one time per week I need to actually get myself "ready" and leave the house.  Going to the gym does not count.  I need to put on jeans, a real shirt, fix my hair, put on make-up, and go out.  Go run errands.  Go grab some dinner (on occasion).  Go watch a Twins or Vikings game at a local bar (while drinking water and diet coke, and avoiding fried things).  Do something to prove I haven't completely given up!

It is easy to let things slide when you work from your house, or are unemployed.  I have to remind myself to color my hair regularly (I would be completely gray if I let it go), get my hair cut regularly, and make sure my facial hair (eyebrows, mustache and sideburns) get waxed regularly.  I grow more hair out my face than I do out my legs, which is not exactly sexy - which we all know is our main objective here at SDtS!  Speaking of legs - I need to remember to keep those shaved as well.  It is easy to let that slide when the weather starts getting cooler, and (sadly) you're the only one going anywhere near your legs!  Sometimes I get so focused on the things I am working on - eating well and working out - that I let things slide until all of the sudden I have to get ready to go somewhere, and I realize I am a MESS!  It is silly when you are 35 and have to put reminders, with alarms, into your calendar!

Do you have any tips on maintaining your vanity?

**Note about participating in my "Mission 101" challenge:  I will not be posting your weights! =)  You will tell me this Friday (10/15) how much you want to lose.  I will be doing a weekend post to list the participants, and their goals.  Then each Friday I will need you to send me the amount you lost (or gained if things go haywire!) - and I will update every weekend with that number, and your total left to lose.  I will also include any notes the participants have (things that were easy, what they struggled with that week, tips they may have come across, etc) and are willing to share.  It is going to be awesome!  So far I have 4 joiners, but it would be fantastic to have more!  (P.S. if you would like to participate, and I don't have your email address, please send me an email, in addition to putting it in "comments".  I will send out reminder emails to the group each Thursday).  It is always better to do things as a group, so join us!


  1. Nat,

    alot of my co-horts at work read your blog over my shoulder. They think you are stunning the way you are and are interested in seeing what you look like with wt loss. My mother always use to tell me to fix up. She saw no excuse not to fix up every day. Even when Mom lost her hair from chemo she found the best head covering and put fancy pins on them and when she lost her eyebrows she painted them on every day. I can remember when she would come out of her room looking glamerous my dad would put his arm round her waste and kiss her and told her how nice she looked. Granted she lost alot of her looks from the illness she still looked good. Nat you are a beautiful girl it would not take much effort for you to fix up because you are so pretty to begin with.It's something nice you could do for yourself. I bet once your start this you wil do this more than weekly! The more kind you are to yourself the more kind things you will do for yourself. I am so happy that you have this new goal! On your next blog please post a picture of your fix up day my friends would love to see it!! and so would Brad, Sincerely lisa P.S. I'm in on they 101 mission/challange let me know what to do.


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