Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm in No Shape to Exercise

I have been so focused on getting my butt to the gym, and putting in the amount of time I need to put in - that I forgot to do some stretching! I have, in the past, done my warm-up and weights - and then lost interest in my cardio and just left. Now that the mission is underway, I realize I no longer have the option of being a slacker. Every minute counts, and I unfortunately need to keep moving for all of them!

I am so happy when my time at the gym is done, that I have been completely avoiding my need to stretch. It has probably never been more important than now, when I am actually lifting weights 5 times a week! It would seem that I had momentarily forgotten about the early days with YC when I couldn't walk for 4 days, and went about the same length of time without the ability to touch my face because the backs of my arms were so sore! Some stretching may have at least helped with the pain - but I forgot all about it until it was too late. Since those initial workouts, I have had moments where my body is really tired, or somewhat sore, but nothing compared to those first workouts. I am prepared if I ever get that sore, again, however. I read in my Health magazine that pickle juice helps with sore muscles. I mean I love pickles, but cannot imagine! It said if you drink 1/3 cup of pickle juice, it relieves muscle cramps 37% faster than just drinking water. Kind of gross, but I wonder if it really works? And if it really works, I am beyond sad that I didn't know about this a couple of months ago!

It finally dawned on me on Saturday that I hadn't been stretching, and I could probably spare 10 minutes at the end of my workout to do it. I've already been at the gym for an hour and a half - is 10 extra minutes really going to hurt me? No. It should be the easiest part of my time there. And it is important! My lower back had been bugging me since last Monday. It hasn't been sore enough to keep me from doing anything, but just irritating. I finally stretched a bit on Saturday, and made sure to do it Monday - and my back is already feeling so much better!

They really pushed stretching as an important part of every workout when I was at FC. I let my excitement over getting to leave the gym overshadow my best interests. And it should be my favorite part - I mean, I get to SIT DOWN! Hello! I love to sit! So now I have it on my radar, and will make sure I put a little limbering up into my workout plan. Now if I could just get my FUPA to shrink, so I can actually bend a little farther, I'll be set!


  1. I read in one of my magazines that there is actually a drink (like gatorade) that is pickle juice for the exact reason you described above. Plus, it was like $3.49 a drink or something crazy. I say drink the juice in the jar, you should try it Nat and let us know if it works:)

  2. Who knew that pickle juice was so multi talented?!? At the newly discovered Pour House in Clarks Grove it is the secret ingredient in their famous [?] Bloody Mary. I don't even like them but they put such an effort into theirs they even look kind of good.

  3. Wouldn't pickle juice be pretty much like a sodium lick for humans? I can't tell if the soreness or the puffiness (from the sodium) would be worse! Did they mention that in the article?


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