Monday, September 13, 2010

The Pancake Effect

I wish I could report that there is nothing but sunshine, rainbows and butterflies about losing weight.  There are plenty of great things - most tied to your appearance and the fact that you will feel so much better.  But I am sad to report that there are also negative side-effects - which are also tied to your appearance.

I fear I am headed here
It is probably no secret - the bigger you get, the more your skin stretches.  When you are at your least healthy, your body is somewhat firm - as taut as a severely over-sized vehicle can be.  As you start to lose weight, and as you start to de-puff (shout out to a low salt diet) - things start to sag.  Since I have started to lose Remus, I have noticed some areas are more...problematic...than others.  My boobs for one.  The twins are like pancakes that head completely south, and lay nearly completely flat on my stomach!  I apologize - I know this entirely too much information, but it is troubling!!  As Rodney Carrington would say - "they're just a little long"!  There are other issues with them, but I will abstain from sharing more.  I guess I better start saving for a boob job when I get to my goal.  They should be a real crime-scene by then!     

 On another note, I had my 2nd appointment with YC today.  Today was the "arm" workout, and boy was it!  I did the actual bench-press - and am somewhat concerned I may end up pinned between the bar and the bench when YC isn't there to save me!  There were many, many, many other exercises - all arms.  I suspect I am in trouble tomorrow.  I am basing this on the fact that I had to use both hands to turn my steering wheel when I left - - it was going to take more than the strength I had in one arm.  I fear tomorrow my upper limbs will be rendered completely useless.

I have my next session with YC on Wednesday - it will be biceps and back.  I have a golf tournament on Friday, and expressed my concern that I wouldn't be able to move.  YC was less than sympathetic.  I guess I can use my new miracle discovery - Aleve - if I am incapable of moving.  In the meantime, I am going to use all available energy stores to hope for the best.


  1. Nat it's me again,

    untill you see dr lovaas he was my plastic surgeon i shopped around and he has wonderful credentials and did an amazing repair of my abdomin that lady and her husband doing measurments in that cartoon well that could have been my saging gut yep i said it out loud.Dr lovaas told me he took 10lbs of skin! A good bra with an under wire will solve this problem have marilyn go with you she is the master of bra fitting i'm tell'n ya she's not afraid to jump into that dressing room to ensure to proper fit! lisa

  2. There is so much to like about this post, namely the cartoon, the vivid descriptions and the funny anecdotes. Lady, you are on fire! Hang in there and let YC lead the way. When you're sporting a set of toned arms, you'll be glad you did! Oh, and don't forget I live vicariously through you, so go, woman, go!

  3. LOL! I love so many things about this post. My sister is right, my true calling should have been professional bra fitter. (Can't you just see it "Marilyn Cerni - PBF, PBD, SAB" But alas the money they receive does not support my jet-setting lifestyle! You have inspired me to go find a YC of my own, I will keep you updated on my progress!


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