Monday, September 13, 2010

The Ultimate "Sometimes"

About 7 months ago, I learned something shocking about myself....I love to write!  I never in a million years would have thought that was possible.  I did make a slight foray into the writing world in 8th grade science class - but I think that attempting to write a romance novel (seriously - but it was only about 2.5 pages) was just my way of avoiding doing my "cores".  Shout out to GeekStar for helping me with my story line.  Mr. Esget (my English teacher that I had for all 4 years of high school) would be so proud if he could see me now....or maybe he wouldn't.  He never really embraced my writing style (I did not get a fantastic grade on my character paper on my math teacher Mr. Loe.  It was popular among the other kids in my class - I think it was the Theorems and Postulates cake on the cover that really got them) which I do admit is a bit of an acquired taste.

About a month ago, a friend of mine (the biggest Shout Out of all time to Shannon!!) approached me with a "business opportunity".  She works for a publishing company in the Twin Cities, and they wanted to write a book for tweens about weight - specifically a girl that goes to fat camp.  She thought of me, and forwarded my blog on to an Editor.  I got an email about a week ago from them - and get to write the book!

Sometimes...  you're 35
Sometimes...  you get canned from your job
Sometimes...  you discover you have a new dream
Sometimes...  that new dream comes true


  1. Congrats, Natalie! You go, girl! Take that, Mr. Esget! :) Love your writing style!

  2. Yay, yay, yay!
    PS - I'd LOVE to read your paper on Mr. Loe! :)

  3. Nat!

    you are so talented it was just a matter of time before someone discovered you. I know you will be a big success i see this leading to writing for comedy shows as well i always thought you would be so good at that. Me and Brad read your blog all the time and enjoy you so much! lisa and brad too!

  4. COngratularions!!!! I have missed out on a lot lately!! But I am so proud and you deserve it!!!! You have inspired me yet again to get back into it!!!!!! Katy


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