Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Greatest Gift

So...it isn't just me?
My appointment with YC for today has been rescheduled for tomorrow - which has now graciously given me one more day of full-range, pain-free movement.  A few weeks ago I probably would not have viewed this as the tremendous gift I currently do.  It is amazing the way your viewpoint changes after just a couple of weeks of extreme pain.  I know he is good for me.  The purpose of him being around is to make me do things I would NEVER make myself do - but I am still really grateful for one more day of pain-free living.  To celebrate, I threw a little "Party of One" (shout out to Jason and Marilyn for combining their efforts on that one) for myself this morning.  It lasted about 5 minutes, I was the only attendee as well as the host, and I served whole wheat toast with natural peanut butter and honey with water.  It was awesome!! 

I should have used this new-found free time to get my grocery shopping done, but instead opted for laying around watching TV.  I still have enough veggies and chicken to get me through a couple more meals - so I am putting off grocery shopping as long as possible!  Instead I am going to try and knock another week out on the book.  I have the first week (there are 6 total) done and sent off.  I am also working on finishing up my outline.  I am sure there is some really good literary reason why I need to do the outline - but I hate it.  It takes me back to High School English class - which is nothing but bad memories.  I am more of a sit-down-at-the-computer-and-type-whatever-comes-into-my-brain kind of girl, not so much a plan-strategize-execute kind of girl.  But I know Editor Beth (EB) is much smarter than I am about this, so I will do it - begrudgingly.  

Today is day 2 of putting this blog out on Facebook, where the term "friend" casts a much larger net than real life.  I understand all of these friends recognize that I am fat, but probably few actually knew I decided to write about it - and they are now aware of the existence of this blog.  I was nervous about doing it - no idea why...I had told those closest to me all about it months ago - but now that it is done, I feel pretty good about it.  Everyone has been nothing but supportive since I started this adventure - why would that change now?  I just need to remember my latest mantra: Embrace It.

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  1. I am SO excited to get an abbreviation here!!! --EB

    (PS, readers: the outline was great.)


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