Thursday, September 23, 2010

No Pain, No Gain?

My arms could do this today!!  Amazing!
It seems like a miracle.  I know - I shouldn't throw that term around, but it kind of is.  I did an arm workout with YC yesterday, and still have almost complete use of those limbs today!  I almost couldn't believe it myself when I got up this morning.  I was expecting to have to slack arms at my sides, unable or unwilling to help me in any way.  Instead, I can move them freely, with little or no limitation due to pain.  Maybe when you are really ready for something, and have spent a week preparing yourself mentally for a certain outcome - your mind decides to trick you by causing the exact opposite reaction.  Whatever has caused this, I am just going to enjoy it.  I am planning to hit the gym shortly to get in my leg workout as well as some time on the elliptical machine.  Should be interesting to see if the calf raises cripple me again this time?  (and by interesting I mean : Please, for the love of God, let me be able to walk after this!)

As I attempt a healthier life, I have taken to watching a lot of shows for what I like to call "research".  Tuesday was a big night for me!  I had been watching the re-run of "DieTribe" on LifeTime.  They just did the 2nd season a few months ago, and then ran the first season again.  It is 5 friends who all need/want to lose weight, and get healthy.  It follows them, and their trainer (Jesse, who is total eye candy) for 120 days.  In that time they had to train for, and complete, a triathlon.  Tuesday was the finale where they all completed the triathlon, got makeovers, and did their final weigh in.  It was so good!!  Here are 5 ladies, all with families and other obligations (they didn't get to go to a camp somewhere - they had to do this while living their real lives), who made the time and put in the effort to get from sitting on their couch to doing a triathlon in 4 months.  It made me see that I was completely wasting the last few months by not getting to the gym as often as I should, and not eating what I should.  It reinforced that I need to keep doing what I am now, and with the help of YC I can see improvements pretty quickly.

*Spoiler Alert: I am talking about Tuesday's Episode of Biggest Loser, if you haven't seen it*

Tuesday was also the premier of The Biggest Loser: Season 10.  I have watched most of the seasons of BL.  There are aspects of this show that drive me crazy - the fact that it is 2 hours, but could be 1 hour if they didn't double up all of the stuff before and after commercials.  The fact that I wish they would show more of actual workout information - so people could maybe do some of it at home.  The fact that Jillian is so insane with the yelling and thinking she is a shrink.  But they get results, and there are a lot of people that were on this show that have a much better life now, due to this show.  Plus, as a fatty I just love seeing people beat it - and get their lives back.  It makes me believe I can do it.  Based on Tuesday night, I am now more certain than ever that I could never get on the show.  I do not have a horrible story - - I could not believe what all of these people have been through!  It is the first episode, and there were more tears than I would have thought possible!  I guess you have to have had a serious tragedy in your life in order to get on the show.  I guess I am good living my sheltered little life, and having to do it on my own! 

I am glad the previews showed me that Aaron, who tried out in DC, gets to be on the show.  I wonder if they are going to find a way to get the guy (Kory - not sure how it is spelled) that tried out in Portland on the show?  When he collapsed a few yards before the finish line, my heart broke a little bit.  It made me so happy that no one at FC made me run a mile on my first day - I suspect the outcome would have been similar for me.  What am I saying?!?  It would probably be the same now! 

I guess I should get to the gym.  Have a great day everyone!

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