Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Amazing Effort Today" - YC

Today was my first "real" session with YC.  The first two sessions were freebies from the club just for joining.  Now I am paying him, and he is apparently taking that as an indicator to step it up!  The 2nd fake session left me unable to walk properly for 2.5 days, so I am interested to see what today will produce.  We also only had 1/2 hour instead of a full hour, so I was going to get shorter breaks.  Fabulous - I needed additional challenges!! 

I was able to avoid lunges - and was informed that he only makes people do lunges if he doesn't like them.  Ummm...YC - you made me do them last week!  He smiled and said I shouldn't take it personally - he was just trying to figure out what I was capable of doing.  He won't make me do them, again.  However, he will make me do 7 sets of squats, 4 sets of hamstring curls, 4 sets of leg extensions and 4 sets of calf-raises (using my body weight!!!  by the last set I was in full body spasms.  It was super-hot.).  Last week I did calf raises - but it was from the hip-sled machine, which is basically a reclined chair that you get to lay in while you do the lift.  He also had 90 pounds on it...TOTAL!  I had to gently break it to him that my bod, complete with super-tiny rear, weighed just a bit over 90.  He told me it was better for me to do them on the platform, not only because I had to lift slightly more than 90, but it is also harder because you have to balance.  Great.  Let's always jump to 500 times more challenging!!  He is trying to kill me.  When I informed him, between sets, that I preferred the one from last week where I got to lay down he simply told me "this is better for you."  Not only do I need him, but I love him. ( much as you can love things that cause you so much pain). 

On top of this lower-body hell, I also had a number of upper-body exercises to do as well.  I was pooped.  After surviving my time with YC I did earn what I believe may be his highest compliment: "Amazing effort today."  That put a smile on my face - maybe it was worth it?

The question remains...will I be able to walk tomorrow?  Stay tuned....

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  1. Keep it up Sensatalie! I was talking to the fam about after seeing my pics of myself in Australia that I really need to lose the LBs and the Cerini Double Chin....all I got was knowing nods...that about says it! LOL, I hope there is a YC at Lifetime willing to put me through the ringer!


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