Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shrug It Off

Me after working with YC?
Today was my biceps and back torture session with YC.  Here is a breakdown on how it went:
  • bicep curls with one long bar (98 sets using various weights) 
  • bicep curls using 2 barbells (76 sets using various weights) 
  • hold the one long bar with your hands close together and lift it to your chin (87 sets using various weights) 
  • shrugs holding 2 barbells down by your side (the least instantaneous pain - 57 sets using various weights) 
  • my least favorite - lift 2 dumbbells straight out to the sides up to shoulder height and back down again (1000 sets using various light weights that felt like 100#)
OK - so maybe it wasn't that many sets, but it was a lot.  At least I could steer my car when I left....I took that to be a good sign.  I wonder if I will be able to touch my face, or wash my hair tomorrow?  Doubtful, but I will keep you posted.

YC also had another great surprise for me.  He wants me doing weights 4-6 times a week!!  I was thinking 3 times a week, but no.  Each of my 3 workouts target different muscle groups, so I can do them on consecutive days.  Fantastic!!  That is really phenomenal news!  According to YC, this will "keep my body guessing", and help me see results faster.  I am all about "faster" - but fear that "keeping my body guessing" will result in it guessing it can't get out of bed in the morning!  Oh well - this is why I hired him, right?  I would never torment my body in such a manner without him.  He will also be tracking me - so basically I am a 35 year old with a 23 year old babysitter. 

I finally got around to sharing the book news with him, which brought up this blog.  I confessed that he is referred to as YC, and I don't have a lot of loving things to say about him.  He smiled, so I am fairly certain he was happy to hear that.  He embraces the amount of suffering he causes.  When I mentioned I had friends that wanted me to put his picture up on my blog he just said "I hope they don't google me".  Hmmm...What is he hiding?  That will be something to discuss next time we get to hang together. 

weird aqua man shoes
There was also a guy at the gym today wearing shoes similar to the ones on the right.  I am sure there is some sort of ergonomic reason these are great for the serious worker-outer, but they creep me out!!  I guess I shouldn't judge him, though.  He was over doing jumps over a one foot stool, off both feet at the same time - he put real tennis shoes back on for this, so apparently the aqua man shoes aren't for jumping?.  I suspect he is training for something more specialized than just losing weight.   He had a very serious-looking old guy with him, who was carrying a clipboard and appeared to be his trainer.  Maybe that guy's name is Craig, too.  He could be Old Craig (OC)?  Just a thought.   


  1. Those shoes seem to be making their way around the gym circuit, I've seen more than a few pairs in EP...I fear the toes are going to grab me.

  2. Sister, of course these shoes would creep you out- they have seperated toes! Remember when the toe socks were popular and they upset you so much? Haha.


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