Tuesday, September 14, 2010

These Arms of Mine....They Are Burning....

Who doesn't love Otis Redding?  Unfortunately - this blog title is hitting a little too close to home right now.  Not in a: I love you.  I am yearning.  I must have you. - kind of way, but in a: my arms are nearly useless because my shoulders and triceps are in knots - kind of way.  I knew it was coming.  If I have learned anything in my short time with YC, it has been that movement for the 2 days after out workout is going to be painful.  This arm workout on Monday was no exception.  But what I have also learned is this: sore legs are far worse than sore arms.  At least they are so far.  I am slightly concerned that I won't be able to use them enough to get my bicep/back workout tomorrow.  Oh well - time will tell.  Another thing I have learned is: YC won't care.  I expect to hear "just do it" more than once tomorrow. =)

Today was pretty uneventful.  I went on the Precor machine for 45 minutes (I didn't need to do anything with my arms, which is good because bending them enough to blow my nose is painful).  I stopped at Target for some essentials on my way home, and witnessed the most ridiculously lazy spectacle ever.  I was coming out to my car, and when I parked my cart by my trunk there was a vehicle already waiting for my spot with their blinker on.  The entire time I loaded my bags into my trunk, returned my cart, and got back in the car - they sat there.  The entire time they waited, there was a spot one more out, on the other side of the aisle.  It would have added about 10 feet to their walk, and my spot wasn't even that close.  It took me back to a time where I would do just about anything to avoid having to walk any further than absolutely necessary.  That trip down memory lane made me so grateful for the improvements, although just the tip of the iceberg, I have made in my life.  Although I still don't want to have to walk great distances, at least not when I am not purposely out walking - I no longer put the immense amount of effort into avoiding walking, that I used to.  I don't avoid events that I may have to walk anything more than a block to get to.  It is nice to realize I have minimized some of the editing I had been doing in my life - just because I was so out of shape. 

I can't wait to see what my life is like when I am in even better shape, and don't have entire days where my arms and/or legs are completely useless!

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  1. Nat i was just having happy hour with brad at our kitchen table. your blog about the parking issue just had to be read out loud. Brad expressed great angst about these "assholes at sams club that do that and have 5 cars behind them! he was really passionate about his feelings. That's why i go to sams to get our favorite box of wine i just can't bear to see him suffer! lisa.


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