Monday, September 20, 2010

Irrational Anger

The last couple of weeks have been tough ones for this old bod of mine.  Two weeks ago I had the leg workout that left me unable to straighten my legs or walk, and last week I had the tricep workout that hindered my ability to bend my arms far enough to touch my face.  Needless to say, it has taken its toll on my mental health.  At no time was this more evident than when I was trying to get ready to get on the road back to MN on Thursday.

one of the devices of torture
I got up and hopped (let's get serious - I slowly made my way to it) in the shower - but there was a very serious problem!  I could not bend my arms far enough to wash my hair!!  After spending 5 minutes slowly stretching my arms so they could reach the back of my head, I was in business.  However, the stretching process had not only let go of some of the tightness in my arms, it had let go of my mental stability!  Suddenly - everything was pissing me off!  The shower curtain kept blowing against my leg (how does it do that??  The vents aren't blowing...the windows are shut...where does the wind gust come from?) and kept moving it off of me until I about the 3rd time, when I had had enough!!  I used my newly mobile arm to throw the shower curtain off of me while simultaneously emitting a noise similar to a growl.  Really?  This is something I am incapable of moving beyond?  It is going to be a tough day.  And it wasn't over there.  I was trying to get my sports bra on and - as any of you that have worn a sports bra will understand - I don't think I dried off enough before making my initial attempt.  I basically had a tightly rolled tube of spandex around my shoulders, wedging into my arm pits.  This is a horrible situations under normal circumstances.  Add to that nearly useless arms and my irrational rage that morning - well, I am sure you can see that I found myself in quite a pickle.  After yelling "come on!!!!" and wrestling (painfully, I might add) with it for a couple of minutes, I was finally in!

Needless to say, it did finally dawn on me how insane I was being.  It was probably good that I had the entire day to myself, and didn't need to subject anyone else to that sort of nuttiness.

The reason for this trip back was to play in golf tournament hosted by the company I used to work for.  It was great to see a lot of those familiar faces again, and catch up a little bit.  Our team (Team V-I-C-T-O-R-Y) was not the team in first place, but we had enough fun to make up for it.  Shout out to Nina, Molly and Wendy for thoroughly entertaining me for the day.  I was even able to get an ab workout in when I had to laugh for 10 minutes straight over one of the greatest putts in history.  I also won a box of balls (pink ones - so I love them a little extra) in the drawing after the tournament.  Anyone who has golfed with me before knows that I tend to go through my fair share in a round - so it was the perfect prize.

I got a little bit of a walk in on Saturday at the Waseca Parade.  My cousin Kory is running for re-election for State Representative for 26A (I think).  It is a pretty short walk, which was good because the temp was about 14 degrees.  On Sunday I got to hang with a couple of my favorite people - my nieces Macy and Jorey - while their mom and dad went to the Twins game.  There was a lot of "wrestling", (which is basically them running at me and trying to knock me down while I sit on the floor) playing on the "park", protecting them from bees (you haven't lived until you have gotten an enthusiastic cheer of "you got it Natalie!!!!" from a 5 year old while she jumps up and down) as well as making planes out of tinker toys.  They are adorable, and so fun.  After that I went to Cerini Village for dinner (shout out to Marilyn for making the most delicious, and huge, lasagna ever!!).

I didn't get all of the exercise in that I probably should have.  I didn't eat every meal as thoughtfully as I probably should have.  But I was busy, fit a lot in, and am now back home and ready to get down to business.  I have one more new session with YC tomorrow - I believe it is biceps and back.  Hopefully I just have one week left of not being able to move, and then my body will be used to this.  I will survive this, and I will be better for it.....I just hope that shower curtain leaves me alone!!     


  1. As soon as I read the bit about the shower curtain I thought of this:

    I hope that gives you a laugh. You're amazing, Natalie. Keep it up! ♥

  2. LOL, Omigod, the sports bra wrestling! And the freaking shower curtain touching your legs - ahh! Been there, done that!


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