Friday, November 5, 2010

Can a break make you stronger?

After a week off in the beautiful state of Minnesota, I was back at it today. I had a session with YC - my last on my current program. He is going to "change things up" a bit, which may require some different movements (gulp) - and it will shock my body into... umm....I'm basically just hoping it doesn't shock it into death, a wheelchair or other form of immobility.

I have determined that taking a week off, after two weeks of shocking your body with the number of things you think it can do - may actually be good for you! My rested body was able to do my bench pressing with little difficulty. I have, in the past, used horrible facial contortions, rocking my shoulders back and forth, and even a quiet yelp of "help me" - to get the last couple of reps up. None of that was required today. I could lift that bar, and those silly little baby washers us weak people call weights, without incident! Or maybe it was just the fact that I was wearing my outfit like the girl to the left when I did it? How can you not lift a lot of weights when you are wearing such gym-appropriate attire? OK - that was a joke, but I am certain I would have everyone's attention if I walked in wearing that. I am also certain I would have no problem getting a piece of equipment because I would clear the place out. Hey....I might be on to something. This might help my gym snobbery?

YC also had me doing my tricep kickbacks (they sound like more fun than they are) with heavier weights. I had to point out to him that the larger dumbbells caused an unwanted issue - the edge of them kept hitting my fat roll. Not sexy. I am also certain that YC is really happy to be to the point in our relationship where I feel the need to share these types of things with him. From there I went to this seated, push-down thing - where I was able to do the most reps I have ever done, at a slightly higher weight than when I started.

Basically, I have learned this. Sometimes, when you decide it is time to get a move on, and go from zero to hitting the gym a lot of times for 2 weeks in a row - a week off can really do a body good! I'm not saying I will be consistently taking a week off at a time...but I can also recognize that sometimes this big old body is just going to need a break to make me stronger. I was also reminded of the wonder of endorphins! I was so tired before I went to the gym. I didn't want to go. I wanted to lay in bed all day. (this weather is anti-helping!) But after I got done I had a bit of a pep in my step!

Now I will just be looking forward to Monday, and the start of my 3-day event with YC and my new workouts. I can only imagine how much it is going to hurt. Please keep me in your thoughts.

For those of you that strength-train: What silly things do you do to get that last rep? Facial contortions? Wiggling? Grunting? Swearing?

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