Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fatigue: weariness or exhaustion from labor, exertion, or stress

I'm not sure if I have let you guys in on one of my my terrible secrets. When I am feeling under the weather, even if it is just a small amount under the weather, I am a complete and total baby. I want to stay in bed all day, and I would really like it if the world would care for me. There. The secret is out.
This last weekend I had a sore throat. That's it. Just a sore throat - well, and my ears hurt a little bit. It completely took me down. I couldn't really be bothered to do anything other than grocery shopping on Sunday. Maybe that time off, on top of the time off I had in Minnesota last weekend, has caused me to become completely exhausted by my last 2 days. Maybe.....

YC has got me started on a new program. Fewer reps, heavier weights, and what feels like more exercises. He is also giving me 5 different workouts. There are some very pronounced positives. The biggest I can think of now is that I don't get nearly as sore as I did when I started. Those days of not being able to straighten my legs and walk, or not being able to touch my face because my arms are so sore - are a distant memory. Don't get me wrong - I am so tired by the time my workouts are done. But if feels so great to get through them!  
YC has this new plan. He has me doing the same series of workouts that he did when he was training for arena football tryouts. I am certain I am using about a tenth of the weight - but still! Maybe I can try out for the Vikings O-Line when I am done? Kidding...well....kind of.
Monday I did an arm workout, and still did all of the yard work when I got home (and fit in a mini-heart attack from finding random dead things in the leaves). I never would have been able to do that a few months ago! Tuesday I had my leg workout, with some ab/core stuff thrown in for good measure. He did make me do lunges - which he had told me he would only make me do if he didn't like me. Uh oh. He said he must not like himself, either - because he made himself do it. I guess I am in the clear, then? YC even commented on me looking enthused and being quiet on my last couple of exercises - because I was that tired. I am somewhat nervous that I have now shown him how to shut me up - and he will be using it against me! I hope I survive workout number 3 tomorrow.
I got this cartoon from one of the mission 101 participants. I needed the chuckle today, and I was so glad I had it! I hope everyone is having a better week than last week. We all deserve it, and let's face it - we need it a little bit!
What is a calorie?
Calories are the little bastards that 
get into your wardrobe at night 
and sew your clothes tighter. 

Here is what I have planned for YC's lunch tomorrow. I am also very concerned about him. He said he is "eating like a king". Poor guy! If my crap cooking is eating like a king, he must have really been dealing with a sad situation before!
  •  2 Chicken/Mozzerella/Sundried Tomato Brats (140 cals each) kind of hard in sodium, but they are yummy!
  •  Mac & Cheese (360 Cals) same as from Monday
  • Steamed broccoli 

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  1. Make him your delicious red pepper stuffed turkey burgers!


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