Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Monday in Pictures (sort-of)

My Monday started out a little less than fantastic. I woke up with a sore throat for the 3rd day in a row. Not a huge deal for the average person - but when you are a bit of a wimp about being sick, it is less than ideal. Luckily I had a session with YC, or I probably would have convinced myself it would be OK to just lay in bed all day - like I wanted to.

Once I got to the gym, and through my warm-up, I already felt better. I got to do one of my five (yes - FIVE) new workouts with YC. Heavier weights, but lower reps. I am going to be so frickin' mighty! I also turned over my first meal to him. As I type this up Monday night...I am thinking I should text him to make sure he didn't have a bad reaction? I used the Mrs Dash marinade on the right on the chicken. I was thinking the "Zesty Garlic" was right up my alley - but noticed right before I ate mine that it said something about "orange" on it in small print. It is OK. I don't love orange, so didn't really care for that. I still have a lime one to try. I'll keep you updated.

After the gym I decided I should take advantage of the beautiful weather, and do some yard maintenance. Here is what it looked like when I started:

I am guessing most of you can remember how much I love to rake (not at ALL). Those that know we well also know how much I love rodent-type things (mice, rats, chipmunks, squirrels). Imagine my delight when I was raking away, and almost raked up this:


SERIOUSLY!!!!! What is that!?!?! The scull was about the length of a pop can...and I think I could kind of see a neck with some grayish hair on it. (I just threw up in my mouth a little bit) Needless to say, it took me a minute to recompose myself, and work up the courage to rake the areas of landscaping where I had to stand on thick plants. I was certain there were other gross things in there. I was certain whatever killed this mystery beast was waiting to get me. I am going to need to recruit someone to help me out with that area. It is currently just as the picture above shows it. I just can't deal with it.

Just 2.5-3 short hours later, I was done. Not bad considering I had to have time in there for my heart attack at finding that skeleton, and spent about 20 minutes searching for the hauler thing - thank God Keith has this big green plasticy bag thing to carry all of the leaves up to the street. And luckily he checked his email and told me where it was or I am not sure how I would have gotten this job done! Look how pretty it looks:

I knew there were a lot of leaves in the back yard...but when I realized the leaf pile was almost as big as the minivan behind it!

Good news: I burned about 1100 calories, and walked about 5400 steps. I noticed the creepy skeleton before it was already in my arms being transported. It is done. I should sleep like a rock after that.

Tuesday's menu for YC:
  • 8 oz of this delicious pork thing from Sam's club - pretty salty, but OK sometimes. 
  • 4.5 oz baked potato w/ butter and sour cream
  • steamed zuccini

Have you found anything terrifying in your yard, lately?


  1. Nice job on the yard!!! At my house, dead animal remnants are a daily occurance. My cats are hunters and they love leaving little presents on the steps for me to clean up! The best one has to be the live chipmunk they brought IN the house.....5 days after I had a hysterectomy! I had to call for back-up on that one....my mom with a tennis racket and a butterfly net!

  2. I'm very sorry that you found the skeleton of some poor animal resting in your yard...You are so brave to stand by it long enough to get a picture! :)

  3. My only question was whether you screamed so loud (when you saw the beasts's skull) that you saw white spots?!? Ah, memories...

  4. HAHAHAHAAAA!! I can not stop laughing about the caption under the skeleton...shit, shit, shit...hahahahaha. SO FUNNY!


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