Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Perpetual State of Dehydration

I sweat. Not like a hot, sexy sweat. Drenched in it, sweat. Drenched hair, drenched shirt, sweaty knees (yes - I said knees. and no - I have no idea why my knees release so much sweat) Any amount of humidity causes me to sweat. Standing too long, causes me to sweat. So many things cause me to sweat - it is impossible, and unnecessary, to list them all right now. The point is - everyday life makes me sweat - so the gym makes me look like I had a 5-gallon pail of water dumped over my head. When I get myself organized, and on track with my exercise, I lose a LOT of water. Every day that I leave the gym my shirt is drenched to my navel. I know, I know. That sounds super-hot. Trust me. It is. I guess on the up side - I never over-heat, and I always look like I worked REALLY hard! =)

Small side ramble: I love reading the articles in magazines about how to put yourself back together after the gym, if you have to go out after. The cute little girls writing the articles obviously have no idea what it is like to sweat. They talk about "blotting papers" and "braid your hair and put it up in a bun so it creates nice waves when you are done". Are they kidding?!? There is no chance that I could be ready for public with anything short of a complete shower - and some days it seems like a fire hose might be needed to get me clean. Blotting papers?!? Please. I need 6 towels and sitting still for 15 minutes to get my body temp back to normal! And my hair would not cascade into lovely waves. It looks like I just got out of the shower, only greasier. I am somewhat envious of these women who can just blot and go. That would be a real time-saver!

Back to your regularly scheduled program: Luckily, I am a person who has always liked water. Typically, I drink a lot of water. I work in my daily soda, sometimes two - but for the most part, I am on straight water. But a problem arises with the volume of sweat that I release when I am diligent about my gym attendance. I feel like I can't ingest enough water! Eight glasses of water is just not going to get it done for this big, sweaty girl. I feel like I am in a constant state of semi-dehydration. Granted, I am basing this assessment on the very scientific: the darker your pee, the more dehydrated you are. I just keep hearing Jane Fonda from the workout tape we did in high school aerobics when she said "muscles don't work as well when they're dehydrated". It's true! One of my first sessions with YC I must not have been drinking enough water, and started feeling woozie. Like I might spike it and fall on my face if I didn't get some water and sit down for a second. And who would help me when I am so sweaty?

Over the last month I have gotten myself in a rhythm, where I keep myself hydrated enough to not cause physical pain (I always know when I am really not getting anywhere near enough water, because my organs start to hurt). I keep a glass of water by me at all times, hoping that will keep my ounces up.

I am wondering if a day will come where I will be so fit that I don't sweat like a maniac? Or are some people just predisposed to sweating? That is just one of the many things I am hoping to answer while I'm Slimming Down to Sexy!   

How do you guys make sure you get enough water?

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