Monday, November 22, 2010

Love The One You're With

Before I get rambling - we had an update from Mission 101 participant "Ann". Here it is:
  • It wasn’t a good week at all…didn’t work out once and ate like crap….I was sick, and once I started feeling better, I just couldn’t find motivation for the gym.  BUT, back at it this week…I won’t let this get me down.  Still have 9 pounds to lose.  UGH!  I am going to make this my healthiest holiday season yet…
  • note from natalie: LOVE the positive outlook going into what is sure to be a hard week. YOU CAN DO IT!!
Now to the blog....
I realize that this body of mine is not anything people are going to look at and covet. It has all sorts of rolls and dents and dimples (cuter name for cellulite). My stomach has so many rolls it looks like my FUPA has its own FUPA. I am a festival of stretch marks. My boobs are so flat against my upper stomach roll that if I slice them open, I can use them as extra pockets. Instead of knee caps, I have indents where you suspect they might just be. When my arms are straight, you can't tell I actually have elbows - it just looks like I have divots in my flesh. I suspect I have wrist bones, but I can't really tell because it looks like I'm wearing puffy wrist bands - but it is just my fat/flesh. My hands look more like paws, and my ankle bones are buried deep beneath what looks to be a dough-like substance.

But this body of mine - regardless of all of the issues I described above - has been good to me. When I was at my heaviest, it didn't give out on me. When steps made my knees ache...when getting up off of my couch was a full body workout...when standing for more than 2 minutes caused me to never shut down. It allowed me to go to fat camp, and work. There were a lot of people there, a lot smaller than I was, that were sidelined by various aches and pains - while I was still able to do everything. It saved me from having to use one of those scooters in the stores, which I thought might be a possibility for a while.

Over the last month I have been reminded of what it is like to feel strong. YC has made it his personal mission to kick my ass, daily. And I appreciate him for that. I like that he doesn't look at me as a weak fat girl. One who has to be coddled and babied. He is pushing me, because he knows I can do it. I have 5 workouts, with 6-8 different exercises each, and I do at least 3 sets of each for every workout. And I can do it. This body, that from the outside doesn't look like it is capable of lifting a weight (much less many weights, that would necessitate an entire rack), can do these workouts. I can way more than even I thought I could. It may not be the body I envision when I think of my ideal - but it is the body I have. I am learning to love it, and appreciate it. might be a strong word - but I am definitely learning to appreciate all it can do, in spite of my size. And I am really going to appreciate it when it is a little smaller...and a little stronger...and a little unstoppable.

All of this love may not have translated to huge numbers in my weight lost column - but I feel awesome! I have never been too hung up on what the scale says - I just want to be healthy. To me, being healthy means also being strong. I know there are people who are able to lose weight by just cutting back on calories - and that works great for them. For me - I like to workout, too. It is the best way for me to see improvements. It makes me feel mighty. It makes me feel like I can kick ass, and I LOVE it. And even though I may not have lost a lot of weight this week - I feel like things are smaller...or more compact is the better way to word it? I have noticed small areas where I used to have pockets of blubber that are now shrinking. I am sure it is something that most people take for granted - but I can now reach spots on my back that I couldn't before. When your body is is hard to reach everything! I felt like I had baby T-Rex arms, but it was really just the amount of rotundness that they had to reach around.

So after all of that rambling - here are my results for the last week of Mission 101:
  • Lost 2 pounds. 45 Pounds to go to reach 101.
  • Exercised 6 days with 5 weight sessions
  • Tracked my calories 50% of the time
  • Stayed within my calories that 50% of the time listed above =)
  • No alcohol
  • Limited caffeine to an average of 1 can per day
I am somewhat worried about this holiday weekend I have coming up. Two family holidays on Thursday and then cookie baking with my sisters and nieces on Friday and Saturday. I am trying something new for my return trip to Minnesota this time. I am proactively figuring out how/where I am going to workout while I am there. I have usually just treated my trips back as "time off" - but not this time. Changing behaviors slowly....I'll get this eventually.

What does healthy mean to you?

Bonus Footage: I was eating my dinner Sunday night, and was half way done with my greek chicken pita when I noticed mold on the pita. GAG! For those that are familiar with me, and myriad of food-related neuroses - I am sure you can understand my delight. I was able to finish my chicken, without the pita. I really am growing.

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  1. Hey, I am a newbie here and have been catching up on your blog. Can I just say, the gag-reflex kicking in on seeing mould on the pitta does not equate to a neurosis, love. I would have pushed the chicken away too.

    Am so glad to have discovered your Blog. And I am blown away by your positive attitude about yourself, your own body. Your attitude convinces me you can see this adventure through to the finish. I loved your blogging from FC. Keep it up... best wishes x


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