Monday, November 1, 2010

Willie, Weddings and WThingsYouDon'tWantToDo

The W is silent on that last one!

I am back in Minnesota for the weekend for all sorts of fantastical things! I got back on Thursday for some much-needed hair maintenance (I am sure I am probably much closer to my Mission 101 goal, now that I finally got my face waxed!) and dinner with friends from high school. I talked myself into a salad (and even left off the most delicious part - bacon) - and even talked myself out of french fries later in the evening. Thursday was a win of enormous proportions!

Friday I did some "work" and then went to the Willie Nelson concert. He is 77, and fantastic!! Sang all of the goodies, did a number of head-wear changes, and still has it! Mystic Lake Casino has a great venue for concerts! The chairs are slightly larger than movie theater seats, and are just as comfy. My butt certainly appreciated it. Friday wasn't a great day for food - I think I accidentally starved myself on Thursday, so it was a bit of a crime scene. Better luck on Saturday.

Saturday was my friend Jason's wedding. It was a beautiful day, he and Pam looked so happy and gorgeous, the venue was fantastic, and the food was delicious. It was so great to hang with my friends, do a little dancing, and help them celebrate the first day of their life together. They are both great, and genuinely like each other - so I am sure these two kids are going to make it! Jason, a Mission 101 member, didn't do the other participants in attendance any favors by having so many delicious mini-cupcakes (I loved the coconut one!) - but we'll let it slide for that one day! Seriously - I wish you both the best because you deserve it!

Sunday was another story. It was to be a day filled with things I would prefer not to do. My friends were meeting at a local restaurant to watch football and eat pepperjack cheese curds. (seriously - pepperjack cheese curds!!  SO DELICOUS). I got to head to Owatonna to do some lit dropping for my cousin Kory's campaign. The sun was shining, and I did my good deed - and plus, he owes me, now. =) I was happy to check my pedometer and see that I had walked 8300+ steps doing the drop. From there I went to "Cardio Dance" class with Molly. (if you are on Facebook, please go like her page: Dynamic Fitness. I'll link to it from the Slimming Down to Sexy page) Needless to say, instead of shoveling my mouth full of fried deliciousness, I went and did a number of things involving moving my ass - and had burned off over my daily calorie goal by 5pm. WIN! Shout out to Nina & Molly for making me move today - and putting up with my irritation over my still-broken car. You guys rock.

Find yourself a good support system. It goes SO FAR! Hope you all had a great weekend. Now let's have a kick ass week!

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